Oh Youtube you did it again.,.

Yeah Susan Wojcicki screwed up!

I probably got her name spelling wrong but not as wrong as she has gotten everything. I thought 2018 would be a turning point for Youtube but it seems they plan to carry on screwing up.Yeah Logan Paul made a bad choice and then failed at first try to apologize taking a second time to make a more sincere apology.Trouble is Mr Paul did something far worse than others and not only put a toe across the line but jumped across the moral line breaching YouTube’s rules.What did Youtube do? They made a non-apology style statement and blatantly ignored the act.Logan received NO COMMUNITY STRIKE, nor did they remove him from Youtube RED, they wouldn’t even admit until pestered by YouTuber Philip Defranco that he had broke multiple Youtube rules.I guess that some rules really are for some but not for others at Youtube.


Apples big mistake…

No, no, I’m not talking about the battery fiasco.

Apple could have in 2017 returned to a single model of iPhone and not gone as far with specifications as they did.

They could have not had the notch we can live with a black bar at the top and merely had a matching black bar at the bottom.

They could have used the same form factor as the iPhone X but had a lower resolution screen, stuck with 1080 HD screen and used OLED still but had a lower cost and better yields.

It would also improve performance & battery life would increase with reduced number of pixels to drive by using a lower resolution screen and then would leave the “model dwindled to the SE model for tiny hands and the X model. Pricing could be lowered too for the X to middling between the pricing that was used for the 8 and 8+ pricing making it more attractive and made a line in the sand where Face ID become the normal.

I dropped from using a Plus model for the X model in side and for the major part it is a great phone, albeit the bugs (yeah, months later and iOS 11 is still dragged down by awful bugs).

I don’t notice the higher resolution of the screen and the wireless charging is a gimmick and not environmentally friendly even at its higher speed it’s inefficient.

The only feature that sells me is the FACE ID!! I consistently have issues with fingerprint verification, sometimes I have to redo the fingerprints on devices. Grrr!

Apple could have switched to that and not done anything else and it would have created a winner.

In fact it proves that the only reason for the extra length in the iPhones has been to give an equal border top and bottom for esthetic reasons they could have reduced the top edge and the length in total by half or more of an inch and made the form factor better years ago instead of being the longest in the crowd, sone of us just can’t take all that length.

Seriously the iPhone X is the device that Apple should have launched instead of the 6 and 6 Plus And could have done with a 1080 HD screen resolution and you can bet that Rene Ritchie of iMore.com would have had an orgasm over it.

Apple Should Give Handset Owners A Choice…

Today Apple admitted that iOS slows down the processor when a phones battery performance has declined.

After speculation etc that the iPhone SE, 6 and 6S slow down as the performance of the battery has declined Apple finally explained that it is designed to mitigate an issue where a high performance task was taking place it would cause the phone to shut down without notice for low battery even though it was showing 30 to 50%.

The trouble is the way they went about it.

Rather than be up front that the slimmer battery packs they need for the it devices don’t stand up as well as the batteries in the earlier thicker bodied 4 and 4S and earlier. In fact I’ve still got an iPhone 4 that predates the OS revision that still lasts all day and I’ve owned this on since early 2011.

So Apples solution is not to include an up front built in warning system to say that the battery installed is starting to show signs it’s deteriorating and may cause issues they decided to simply mitigate the problem by slowing the processor down if a task may cause excessive sudden drain while under load that would make the phone shut down or put the phone at risk of shutting down.

While this may not be a big deal to some it really pisses me off for a few simple reasons.

I had an 12.9″ iPad Pro that I traded in because it kept having issues that were indicative of a battery issue and I couldn’t wait the three to five days for a replacement since I used it for work.

Then my iPhone 6S Plus started having weird issues of shutting down at random and weird malfunctions and sudden battery drain (100% to 0% in less than 60 minutes). The Apple store “Genius” tried to say that it was my fault that I wasn’t using the phone properly.

Funnily enough he was the same “Genius” that told me there was nothing wrong with my iMac where i took it home and dealt with the strange clicking or ticking noise and one day there was just a Bang. The power supply inside had failed. It was then out of warranty and I had to pay for the repair.

So yeah I think that Apple should be up front and either put a colored bar that says that the processor is being slowed due to battery issues and have an option for someone to choose whether it slows down or just dies.

I also think that Apple needs to offer a fair life warranty on the batteries since the phones are a premium price and the batteries are non-removable.

In fact all Apple has done is make it clear that rather than offer replacement batteries for the batteries they have been installing that obviously have a shorter life than batteries they used in older models.

So rather than have a free battery replacement program or even just free installation of an Apple battery done by the Apple stores and the user pays for the battery the choose to mitigate any expense by hiding a hardware issue using software to mask it.

Net Neutrality No Loss

So many have whined but are they really cognitive about what Net Neutrality really did?

The answer is simple NO! Most journalists and tech pundits really don’t have a clue at all.


Net Neutrality never gave protection to the consumer it was all about the data we consume and protecting those that provide it.

No we will not suddenly get TV style packages denying us services we don’t pay for! Sorry Leo Laporte you really shouldn’t push that. In fact Net Neutrality, Leo, never has protected your tiny Podcast ingredients enterprise.

Net Neutrality is merely an idea that all data is treated equally and if you have a cable service you will see that all bits aren’t equal. The data you consume us treated with a lower priority compared to the data of their business customers, have you ever wondered why your data speeds tend to decree ease at certain times of the day these tend to coincide with huge data transfers carried out at close of business. In the past few years though this gas been mitigated somewhat as larger businesses such as banks and retailers have switched to an always on actively updated system spreading the load throughout the business day.

The big winners from the Net Neutrality introduced by Wheelers FCC was the big Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) such as Facebook, Google and Amazon etc along with Content providers such as Netflix that create much of the traffic on the internet.

Yes, the reason most cable companies have the disparity between download and upload is because just as in the dialup Era we consume rather than produce so they slow upstream traffic giving priority to the consumer data. You got it YOUR DATA bits you create are LESS EQUAL than those that you consume, again all data bits under Wheelers Net Neutrality are NOT EQUAL.

The 2015 FCC Net Neutrality rules also don’t protect your service, it won’t stop the price being hiked by your provider. In fact you will see that many Cable Operators and even Fiber Optic Internet provisioners such as Frontier Communications are moving away from contracts because unlike month to month services it not only locks in the Consumer to pricing it stops the provider from changing prices with nary a months notice. This change actually came after 2015 so much for net neutrality.

In fact the demise of Net Neutrality doesn’t stop, as Leo Laporte screeched, little guys from competing with the big guys! It stops new startups from competing. Many attempts to compete with big Content providers have come and gone during Net Neutrality it has neither helped them nor given their bits equality this is why small competitors to the likes of YouTube or Facebook has suffered data issues, buffering etc. They can’t compete for capacity on the data networks or CDNS systems, they don’t flourish as user experience has a negative impact on growth.

So when an ill informed Journalist or Tech Pundit argues that the end of the world is nigh and the sky is falling just remember that Net Neutrality has not really done anything for YOU it has protected on the entities that provide data you consume and your ISP is not going to charge you to consume, they already charge you. They may ask the provider of what you consume to pay some of the burden where it matters on the backbone at local level improving and potentially lowering the cost of service for the consumer.

Footnote: This was written solely on an iPhone and I apologize for autocorrect issues and shitty grammar and garbled writing.

Again Youtube Continues To Allow Pedophiles A Presence On The Platform

It may be unbelievable but yes YouTube are happy to allow those that openly promote sexual deviancy a voice on their platform!

Social Change a chance for a better future

It seems like such an innocent title for a video, what it is really promoting is Pedophiles, Bestiality and various other taboo sexual deviancies including Necrophilia!

Yes the creators of this video actually see having sexual intercourse with a corpse as something that should be legalized and normalized.

Funnily enough Youtube feel that there is nothing wrong with this video. Sure it’s not my monetized but this is kind of going a little too far, in fact it you want to bang your granny then they are all for that too.

If this wasn’t bad enough they are trying to intertwine acceptance of their various deviancies with the LGBT (and all its other letters) plus they use a logo or thumbnail implying a connection with the AntiFa group too.

Most people are pretty accepting of various things but I am sure that even AntiFa aren’t fighting for the right to screw a corpse or rape children.

They video is made to look perfectly innocent but the websites they link make it clear that their objective is to normalize all sexual deviancies and treat pedophiles, necrophiliacs and Animal Fuckers as protected groups!

Are ISPs/Cable Companies Taking the Piss?

It looks like I’m about to part ways with my Cable Company…

Yes it’s time to review my contract with Frontier Communications after two years.

When I signed up for service it was Verizon provided the service and “Cool” I was able to get a great price with $29.99 a month for year one and $39.99 a month for year two.

Trouble is after year three the company that Verizon sold the regional FiOS service want $84.99 for a mediocre service and worse still they now add a fee for a business expense that should be part and parcel of the cost of service.

I would love to say that I’m happy with the service but they played a game called “block streaming services” by deleting them from the DNS and then denying that they were blocking them even though I found many complaining and changing to a different DNS database resolved the issue.

Then there is the case of them not only having remote access to the Router settings, yeah they fight over you using your own router using Cat 5 wiring even though it is perfectly feasible, they even admitted it. It wouldn’t be a huge deal but for the router I ended up buying from them having settings changed and password & username for admin reset by them to the factory default (they have remote access that bypasses the security).

They also refuse to provide detailed billing, their detailed billing isn’t even detailed it’s barely got information but at least they showed what the new mystery fee is allegedly for. To rub salt into your wounds they advised everyone that all billing would be paperless and those, like the elderly, would have to pay a mandatory non-negotiable fee if they wanted a mailed bill which was way in excess of any other company.

So as you can see it’s not a great experience and customer service is done through an outsourced center in the Philippines and they’re nigh on impossible to deal with making for a frustrating time.

So what are my choices, well it looks like Spectrum, the local cable operator, I’m not keen on, the slow upload speeds are embarrassingly slow compared to the download speed or switch carrier for my cell service that will give me the choice of doing everything or 99% if everything using my iPhone!

Internet through Spectrum Cable is a case of them using an ambiguous list of packages and the price is discounted for 12 months from $64.99 down to $44.99 a month so for 12 months it’s a little more than the discount price I currently have with Verizon Frontier and after that is $20 less than Frontier.

I do most of my book keeping and visual consumption on my iPhone and iPad.

Now what if I switched back to T-Mobile and started using my iPhone for most of the viewing and the hotspot function with my iPad?

It would certainly stop me watching too much TV and focus more on work as T-Mobile is hit and miss at home.

For a single phone it’s $70 a month and includes unlimited data and 3G hotspot. Right now I don’t use much data anyway through mobile and bulk buy data through MINT SIM which operates through T-Mobile but it would not be suitable even with their most expensive package. I rarely use more than 500MB during a month offloading most through the home internet.

My current 12 months expires in may which is only about $49 worth of data so it’s not like losing a lot if I switched.

I tried streaming from Amazon Prime Video and it works if I have 2 bars of signal otherwise I’ll just have to be shit out of luck but again it will make me WORK instead of playing.

I would have to become a “coffee shop squatter” to update devices but that’s a small price to pay.

I have 5-6 weeks to decide and I’ll update once I make a decision.

Patreons devious Cash Grab irks some YouTube Creators

Over the past few days Patron decided to change who pays for the card processing and it’s devious you done.

Within the last 48 hours creators that were using the Creator Support Subscription system PATREON were sent an email declaring that from now on they would get the full 95% of the amount that subscribers paid.

Sounds good doesn’t it except that further down the email they declared that the burden would be placed on the patrons rather than the creators who, like any business have expenses and those was one of them.

The trouble is, and this is what upset many creators is that the methodology is devious and means that while PATREON takes the total for every creators a Patron supports as a lump sum and therefore it is a single transaction with a 35 cent plus a percentage of the total Patreon makes this a duplicate charge for each creator a person us subscribed to.

So if a person supports one creator at $10 a month that would be 35 cents with another 29 cents fee, total of 64 cents.

Now if the same person subscribes to 10 separate creators at $1 each it is $3.50 plus 30 cents A total of $3.80.

So now while it costs Patreon 64 cents as the card processing fee in our example they are unfairly charging the Patrons far more and keeping that for themselves. So now they are raking 5 from each of the creators in our example they are now taking an extra $3.80 from the patrons making a tax of supporting a creator of 38%.

Aha I hear you say “The creators were paying this Anyway”, sure which means they were misleading creators by charging multiple creators for the same transaction ie charging at minimum a 43 cent charge to the Creator, including the 5% (for a $1 pledge) even though that person may have paid for several creators in one limp sum.

So this change by Patreon has merely highlighted an abuse of the fee system using fraudulent processing which is more blatant in their new fee structure.

The biggest impact is that many patrons that only gave a few $1 pledges have dumped all their pledges and creators are seeing their Patreon income drop by more that the original burden they carried as part of doing business.

If Patreon wanted to be honest and fair they would use a flat percentage and carry the card processing fee, for example 10% of the pledge it would give Creators a boost compared to the previous fee structure system and would not put the cost of a creator doing business on the Patron but wait… They’d have less income at Patreon because they were skimming lots of 35 cent fees from all the creators that far outweighed all the 35 cent fees that the Patreon Card processor was charging Patreon!

Patreon you still, I urge all Patrons to get their creators to set up PayPal.me accounts and support the creators direct and stop lining the pockets of executives at Patreon.