Youtube Copyright Take Down

I was a little disheartened, well to be honest I didn’t really care at all, that a Youtube video that I had made over a year ago was taken down by TWiT.TV for what they called “breach of copyright”.  This was even though even under the harshest of the Creative Commons licenses they use it was not a breach of their license which allows the use of a video.

Now, sorry Leo, but the video didn’t actually have any views and didn’t even show up in search so nobody was looking at it.  In fact you didn’t take down other video’s I made on another account that were public and were getting views — sadly they cannot be found anymore because I removed them to avoid the truffle pig that is hunting for video’s for taking them down.I’m sure that it’s because of the video’s by persona that is known as Duke Masterschlong etc that crafted video’s on a regular basis denigrating you that someone chose to hunt down the video’s but you really are going about the whole situation in the wong way.

We really should be honest it is the worst way, it is something that BuzzFeed do which is to use copyright take downs of any critical response another youtuber makes to their awful abhorrent SJW video’s.

Now if you were a smart guy, you would spend a little time, once a month or something for a short time along with any staff mentioned in the video can all sit and video comments to the video’s you are making, yes, make video responses to the video’s made.

Sure it takes a little time but more importantly it denigrates the video you are responding to and by simply leaving their video up and making a response it would show that you are taking the higher ground instead you it seems that for many that were hit by your truffle pig rooting around on youtube that it has turned many that just did a video to voice opinion about something into people that now actively don’t like you.

Many times before you have taken the time to talk about how you are all for the first amendment and TWiT has made it seem to many that were affected.  Some lost their monetization on video’s that they have created not related to TWiT.  I didn’t because I don’t monetize anything that I publish on youtube. Heck, I don’t charge people for fixing their computers or solving their tech issues ( probably because I am too lazy to do so) so the strike I received on an account that I rarely (barely, and except for an accidental upload one time, haven’t used for a long time) didn’t affect me.  In fact the one that you took down was the accidental upload.  I never intended to upload it and because it wasn’t on the currently google account (one that currently receives no spam unlike the account you found which gets 600-1000 spam emails a day) I never saw it or it would have been gone a long time ago.

Now if you had followed the example of many of the Youtube creators such as “Bearing” or “Computing Forever” & “Sargon of Akkad” that simply make a response video to the person that had responded to one of their video’s and moved on it would make you look above the whole issue.

You could simply show it in a smaller inset screen and laughed at the video and responded and made a short video once a month between shows and created a section called “Leo Responds” where it would show that you critical video’s of you really don’t hurt you.  In fact make an audience.  It would be far better than copyright take downs that make any statement you make on the first amendment seem like the statements of a hypocrite.  

Now it’s not my place to tell you how to handle critical video’s of you just like it is not my place to tell another what they can and cannot say online but I can make a suggestion that you can then disregard and probably troll me for.You know I’m a troll, I’ve told you I’m a troll and I’ve told you that you are as much a troll as I am.  In fact you missed my epic call “This several weeks in Gooo  Trolling” where I catalogued several weeks where Yourself and Jeff Jarvis whined about trolling and being trolled but had started the whole thing by trolling another person.  I even included clips of guests that chimed in and funnily enough on those occasions they had participated in trolling too. 

People that know me well know that while I am a mouthy shit but I’m introvert and online is how I can be extrovert, it’s also why could never do what you do, I don’t have the personality to do that and I respect anyone that does have that ability to sit in front of a camera.As I said, I really didn’t care that TWiT took that video down, they could have tried contacting, for crying out loud it’s not like I am unknown by TWiT, I was one of the few people that was easily identified because I don’t use a separate disposable accounts online because I do believe that if you are going to say something bad about someone you should say it with you name on it, just like on twitter I dislike those that make statements about someone but don’t @ them they # them instead like cowards.  It’s a decency thing.  

The only thing that I care about is that TWiT’s taking down of some people’s video’s hurt them because they had given attribution and linked to the original video and done everything right to make sure that they didn’t breach you creative common’s license but that flew by the wayside when it came to silencing critique that should have been dealt with by a simple response video.  

It is a sign of a better character to sit down and respond to your critics and leave their critique there than it is to eradicate their critique and pretend it was never there in the first place.