Finally, U.S. Consumer Safety Agency OFFICIALLY issues recall of Samsung Galaxy Note 7

It’s taken a while but finally an official recall is underway for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 making it illegal to sell the device and cannot be taken onto aircraft by users.   

The Tally seems to be growing expotentially with more and more reports of the device bursting in flames, in each case the burn area is always around the battery area.
There was a website that said that you could enter your EMEI number from the device which was a fake list which was not accurate or supplied by Samsung.
Some have said that if the device was made in China that it was safe,  don’t take the chance, if you don’t return the device to the vendor that supplied it who MUST REFUND YOU then it is you that is responsible for any damage, injuries or deaths that result from you using that device.  Don’t be that idiot that sits in a court room pleading ignorance, return this dangerous device.
It also seems that there are cases arising now of the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge having the same issue, will we see this escalate into a massive recall?  We can only wait and see.