Is Apple about to reboot a TV Streaming Service?

Today, according to Apple Insider & VARIETY etc Apple Hired a former executive of Time Warner Cable, Peter Stern who was in charge of Products & Strategy.  

Interesting to say the least.  He will report to Eddie Cue.   
Can we assume that since Time Warner Cable was an early adopter of a media box app for streaming Time Warner Cables TV service to subscribers with Streaming Media Boxes (except the Apple TV) that this was one of Peter Sterns product strategy’s with TWC?  
If he was this may be Apple looking towards rebooting a fully fledge TV service working on a strategy that will promote the purchase of Apple TV’s.  It is also interesting that it coincides with what appears to be an imminent retiring of the Apple TV model 3 and focus on the Model 4.  
The market is opening up for more and more TV services through streaming media boxes.  
I cut the cord a few years ago and all my TV viewing is done through Apple TV’s.  If the price were right I would purchase a package from Apple where the billing each month was through Apple where I already have a card registered.  At the moment I what what is available and if I don’t see it I don’t miss it though deep down I resent that I would have to purchase a TV package from my provider and pay leasing fee’s for their set top boxes for what remains a service that I never used regularly because I would start watching services on the Apple TV and not bother going back to the set top box though if it came through the Apple TV I would most likely go back to it to watch shows and I just don’t want to pay a 3rd party for the service even though I know there are several available.
Either way, I think we can all watch Apple and wait and see what is developing over at Inifinity Loop.