Is the Applewatch 2 really the reason to buy a Smartwatch?

It’s a good question.  It was actually the headline for this article 

Apple Watch 2 review: There’s finally a reason to buy a smartwatch – CNN
That made me think.
I was a late adopter to a smartwatch, in fact the main factor was that my fitness tracker broke and the price of the Apple watch was less than twice the price of the replacement and had the same functionality.  In fact neither device offered any form of water proof.
Sure the battery life was not as good but the original tracker was never reliable, on a couple of occasions if I believed it’s readings for pulse and blood oxygen level I would be on deaths door and it was proprietary and didn’t really work well with the various fitness app’s I was using,  it was one more app filling the phone’s storage.
So I purchased the Apple watch.  
If I were to state a reason for purchasing an Applewatch before the Applewatch 2 arrived on the scene it would most definitely be that it improves the battery life of my iPhone 6 Plus.  I ceased jumping to my iPhone for every notification, worrying that I missed an important message.   
It also simplified any exercise and was more comfortable.  I used to regularly get sore wrist from the strap of the original fitness device.  I did though switch out the flexible plastic wrist strap of the Apple watch for a ‘fake’ metal mesh one that allows my wrist to breath.
So for me it’s been something that I regretted purchasing right away.
I didn’t go for a stainless steel model and worries about the aluminum one scratching but after almost a year It’s still in great condition, no scratching on it and I move a lot of furniture and use it while I do carpentry etc.  The screen has never scratches (bet it will now I’ve said it has never scratched) and my worries or those placed in my head by the so-called Tech media has not come to pass. Oh and it makes using Apple Pay much easier at checkouts.
I’ve wandered off on a tangent, let’s get back on track, so how has the Applewatch 2 become the real reason for buying a Smartwatch?
Well really it hasn’t, it’s made it more enticing for those that swim or do active sports that include running in the rain etc.  It’s got better internals but I never really worried about the speed of my watch.  It does fine, maybe the next iteration of the Apple watch will be better and worth spending for a replacement.
More importantly, this year may be the ideal year for people to purchase the revamped Applewatch 1 with the faster processor or the Applewatch 2 with it’s full waterproofing if you are an iPhone owner.
It does insult Android owners though, it hardly makes a good case for them purchasing a wrist-computer.  I have never experienced these devices but I’m sure for some of the devices they do just as many functions.  Samsung have a humungous range of wrist devices and there just be a few devices with similar functionality.
So no the Applewatch 2 is NOT a reason to buy a Smartwatch,  if you want one, buy one, and I’m sure that for many that is the driving reason, they feel a need but the Applewatch 2 is not a ‘case’ but the object of a case and not the reason for buying one.  The reporter or writer of the CNN piece probably shot his wad and decided he really needed one because after swimming the Applewatch will ejaculate water from the speaker like a little horny toad.