Apple iPhone 7 & 7 Plus Jet Black Pre-orders shipping earlier than Apple estimated

Just like Scottie in Star Trek, Apple gave worst possible case for pre-orders for their Jet Black color of iPhone 7 & 7 Plus. People are receiving notices that their purchase has shipped already.  Apple’s delay was the anticipated impact of a Typhoon that halted flights just when the shipments were most needed.

Pretty soon we will see a deluge of people complaining that the polished finish scratches so easy and that it shows fingerprints up.   Even though Apple warned how much easily they can scratch the finish and everyone knows how a glossy surface shows up blemishes like finger prints.
I hope the same buyers purchased a clear case to protect their phone.  We all can expect them to be tenderly holding their glossy iPhones and cawing, like Gollum, “my precious”…