Samsung in crisis over Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Apple iPhone 7’s hissing, and other tech ramblings of the week gone by!

Reports are bubbling to the surface that Samsung are having quite a crisis over the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall.  In fact they are offloading stock they had in various tech companies to offset the losses from the recall.  In itself this is probably not a big deal, companies sell off stock they hold in other companies all the time.

What may more of a concern is other rumors that the exploding phone issue is not restricted to just the Galaxy Note 7 but also to some Galaxy S7 Edge phones too.
Samsung may have started with a plan to improve their profit margins by taking battery product etc inhouse and fallen foul of quality control concerns but others are suggesting that in their mad dash to get out new devices before Apple launched their products that they became careless with all their quality control and faulty ‘safety’ circuitry is in multiple devices.   
As customers affected have made claims, and one has even filed a lawsuit against Samsung, the problem of exploding phones is not just as they charge but is happening during use and is happening with multiple Samsung S7 and Note 7 models.  Could the stock sell off be because the cost of recalls may turn into a major issue for Samsung or were these companies supplying components that were faulty and Samsung had stock so that they could have a say in their operation and now they are cutting these companies loose and finding new suppliers for these components.
Meanwhile Apple are not without their issues,  some are complaining of their iPhone 7 devices making noises while the phone is doing a heavy load.   I wouldn’t say this is abnormal though.  Many components with a phone do make a noise when they are under load.  Normally you can’t hear that noise but occasionally you may hear it.   I’ve had several devices from several manufacturers that have made noises when the processor within it is being taxed. I never worried about it too much.
Of course when a person has a new device they are more attentive because it is a ‘new toy’ and they notice when it makes little sounds and noises that they eventually don’t notice.  
When I use my iPhone 4, which I still have and use for some tasks such as Airplay for Amazon Prime Video (damn you Jeff Bezos for not having an app on the Apple TV) I notice the double vibrate as it is connected to the 36 pin connector and starts charging.  I never noticed it when I was using it as a regular phone a few years ago.
Talking of Apple TV’s, Apple no longer carry the Model 3 Apple TV and I am sure as various retail outlets go out of stock it will vanish from their shelves too.  Really it’s time for it to retire.  I have two that I rarely use and rely on the single Model 4 in the family room.  Heck I don’t know why I have the TV’s in the bedrooms either,  They’ve not been switched on for well over a year.
I’m sure that we will see from a tech news outlet that Apple have listed the model 3 Apple TV as “vintage tech” ready for it retiring.  It really is long in the tooth.
Google may be close to actually releasing their own messaging app, Allo, yes the same one they said would be launched before the end of summer, if gossip is right then they may release on the very last day of summer.  Will this be a messaging app that will take the attention away from Apple iMessage?  I doubt it, at least for iPhone users.  I’m not a fan of Google’s app’s.  They don’t try and make it feel like their app’s fit in with iOS and in fact all their app’s feel totally alien to Apple’s OS design and seem clunky.
For those that like Amazon’s Alexa, “Gooooood news everyone”, the Amazon Echo Dot is in it’s 2nd generation and is an improved design for half the price.  It’s not a full Echo and requires a decent speaker, the built in one is still crap but it gives a cheap way of having one in every room,  now if only Amazon could get them all playing and talking together and cooperating.   I’ve been tempted a couple of times but I rarely use Siri so Alexa would quickly be forgotten.
Did a typhoon really impact shipments of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus?   It seems that it had quite an impact.  Typhoon Meranti caused disruption of flights carrying the iPhone for delivery to outlets causing the phone to be sold out and demand for it to outstrip the supply.   I’m sure that now the supply will recover rapidly.
Anyway that’s enough ravings from a moron.