NBC News asks their annual silly question… Do you need a camera?

NBC News have asked their annual silly question;

If I were to look at myself, realistically my personal answer is NO!
Over the years I spent a small fortune on Digital cameras for work.  Even though those cameras had a quality that was indistinguishable from those on my iPhone, or even on my Nexus 5 or LG G2 or even a dirt cheap Samsung Galaxy Light.  They were all good enough for the task in hand.
I gave away, sold and dumped in a drawer never to see the light of day ever again all my cameras.  I don’t need them and they were gathering dust and they were ideal for those that either still just their little flip phones.
For me, I don’t sit and take great scenic shots and the ones that I do the iPhone has done a great job of taking them.  I don’t take photo’s of objects hundreds of feet away that I can zoom in on and do it without the subject knowing.  I mostly take photo’s of nothing items that I am photographic for eBay.    In fact the iPhone has always done better “Macro” photo’s than even the most expensive camera without messing with a million settings and has been far more forgiving than point and click and DSLR cameras when it comes to this and more importantly, I have it there with me.
Yes the adage for me works, the best camera you have is the one that you have with you.  
NBC though are asking generally.  For some they do need a camera and for many taking wonderful photo’s are a hobby.
The point and shoot camera market has really been decimated by the smartphone industry aided along with the likes of Instagram.  For many people they no longer desire to have a camera, it does not fit into their lifestyle.  These were the people that would take their camera on vacation and use it take the pictures that they would upload to facebook etc.  The convenience of not having to take out an SD memory card from the camera, put it in a PC and then process the photographs and then upload them to facebook but do it all on their phone.   Sending photo’s to friends direct became easier.
While the number of personal photographs has exploded thanks to Smartphones the number of photographs taken through cameras has plummeted.
Equally so sales of video cameras has shrunk.  The target market are those that are amateur film makers, those that make you-tube video’s etc and the capabilities of those has dramatically increased.   More and more video’s though are being made and processed through smartphones which have been just as capable.   In fact iPhones and iPad’s purchases come with the ability to access and download iMovie and for many that is more than adequate.   I have fun with it.
So for the majority of people they don’t need a dedicated camera capable of taking video or even a dedicated video camera.
I’ve used an iPhone to take video and the result was as good as many and there are youtube producers that use their iPad’s to do video and is more than adequate for what they do.

So who really needs a Camera?
Those that are professional users, those that are hobby photographers, those that are camera snobs.  For the average joe public like you and me that just want a photograph the smart phone is perfect for them and ideal for their needs and it doesn’t matter which smart phone brand.  Don’t get sucked into the argument about which is better,  unless you are photographing under certain conditions the image quality is good enough.   I’ve had people confuse a photograph that I took on a Blackberry storm more than 7 years ago with one taken on a newer iPhone and it was only a basic camera in terms of ability and functionality but was again the camera I had with me and therefore the best camera.