Last Week’s Techs Tickles, Apple, Google, Lenovo & Twitter…

Are Google moving away from the Chromecast name?

Rumors about that Google are looking to rebrand their Chromecast devices to something else rather than associate itself with Chrome.  After all it makes sense.  If app’s can take advantage of Chromecast then the connection with the browser becomes rather flimsy.   I suspect it will be renamed Googlecast.

Apple’s iOS is 2500 times more hackable.

Is it,  I’d say that just because a security researcher can use their software to attempt to access a local backup and then try a password 2500 times faster than it could under iOS 9 doesn’t really make it any more hackable,  sure it can do it quicker but it’s still only as hackable as the it is to actually be in the same room with an unlocked Mac.  Never mind, Apple will close the issue now they are aware of it.

Consumer Reports: Apple iPhone 7 does take better photo’s and survives under water…

Nice to know that Apple didn’t tell any whoppers.  It was only to be expected that they would, Apple’s focus has been on improving photography for years.   I haven’t noticed much of a different between iterations since the 5, just better resolution but I am a lazy picture taker,  if it looks remotely okay then it’s all good to me.

As for water resistance,  I’m sure it is but I wouldn’t expect it to be perfect forever and wouldn’t want to rely on it remaining waterproof,  I’d still buy a decent housing for underwater use if you intend to do so.

Yeah, we already guessed it, Apple Are not buying Mclaren.

The moron that wrote that must be feeling like a right dickhead.  Everyone else laughed their arses off.   

People are idiots, they drill holes in their iPhone 7’s thinking they are putting a 3.5mm headphone jack in place

I wrote about this earlier and yet people are still idiots!  They see youtube video’s of iPhones being fast charged in microwave oven’s and zap their iPhones and go and do it and are stunned when their phone dies.  Now they see someone drill a hole in the new iPhone 7 to give it a headphone jack and off to their workshop they go to drill a hole in their iPhone and then are stunned when it ruins their phone.  There are a lot of stupids out there and they tend to believe bull shit.  I’m sure that if they were told that stepping off a balcony with your eyes closed will not result in injury or death they would all go and do it.

I still suggest that you just get a sticky black dot from Staples and use that.

Researchers have discovered that it Apple triple their cost of production when they charge you for the iPhone, horrors!

Yeah, every iPhone or any other Apple product release the same old ‘research’ is done.  Yes Apple do charge you roughly triple the cost of manufacturing for the iPhone, iPad etc.  It’s not a hidden secret.

Interestingly any design engineer suggests a similar formula for devising retail price of a product they develop.   The estimates also don’t take into account the man hours involved in getting a working system.  True it becomes easier after so many iterations but it is still an expensive initial cost and we don’t know how many times they went back to the start.   Remember Steve Jobs made the engineering team source a glass phone face before the first iPhone went on sale.  I wonder how many times since Apple have changed their design and discarded components or a design at the last minute?

Apple Patents a paper bag

The tech press was ablaze with Apple’s patent of a paper bag design.  To be honest this probably not the first time or the last time that they will patent something like this.  They patented the plant pots used in one of the Apple Stores after all.  I’m sure there are many things that are patented that the press don’t notice.

If you thought it was too soon for rumors about the iPhone 8 then you were wrong.

They’re already starting.  Strange that they would jump to the iPhone 8.  I’m sure that people would be more satisfied with their devices if the tech didn’t revolve around dumb rumors and gossip made by Analysts designed to sway stock prices.   We can all make up rumors,  I’ll give you one to start:

The iPhone 8 will be totally made of glass, will have subdermal implants wired direct into the head for sound and not only will it have wireless charging but it will charge as you walk using the static build up your body creates to charge.

Woohoo I’m all excited now for the iPhone 8,  boy will I be disappointed next year when the iPhone 7S is launched and it’s missing those features,  I was all ready to sign the consent form for the surgery.

Photo’s are leaked of Google’s Pixel Phone

Yeah, don’t worry, if you were hoping for a headphone jack it is very likely that the Google Pixel will also be ‘sans-headphone jack’.  In fact it is very likely that the Moto-Z was a hopeful design Lenovo & Moto (Motorola) had hoped would be picked for the Pixel design instead of HTC’s and no headphone jack was part of the specification.

It seems, if the photo’s are anything to go by, as unadventurous as the iPhone 7 has been proclaimed by the denigrators.

Talking of Lenovo & Moto…

Sadly it seems that Lenovo are laying off Moto employee’s adding further credence to the rumor that they were relying on being picked as the manufacturer of the Google Pixel phone.   I have fond memories of Motorola and it will be a shame if it is sidelined into a brand name of the past.

Google Launched Allo, privacy advocates gasped…

Yeah, seems it logs everything you do with it.  I suppose it is part and parcel of the AI learning process but for those that desire privacy it seems it may just be another way of Google slurping up the data about you are a user.

Twitter… It’s in the Shitter…

Looks like Twitter is circling the drain.  It never got to grips with creating a stable growth and it’s pandering to SJW’s and Feminists has caused it as much harm.  This, compounded with the falsifying or growth data to make things look much better than they were has really damaged the company.  The company is looking for a buyer, many have been thrown out there but the latest, Disney, has caused a temporary surge in the stock price unfortunately if it turns out that it is another red herring then we can expect decline in the price.

Google’s Chrome-Android Hybrid/Chymera OS may be a step closer

It’s being called Andromeda, is this after the science fiction virus “The Andromeda Strain”?  Are they implying that it is going to be out of this world?  Are they trying to distance it a little in character from Chrome and Android,  I suspect they are and they are planning to make it specifically designed for Google’s Pixel range of laptop/notebook/tablet and phone devices, a way that they can control the whole process in a similar way to Apple except they continue to request tenders/designs from various manufacturers for the hardware but keep a tighter control on the OS and it’s design by keeping it closed but also backwards compatible with both Android and Chrome OS’s that are available for other companies.

Who knows, who really cares, I don’t.

Drones are so last year…

Everyone expected so much from drones but now it seems that we were just too hopeful and the bad press with idiots, utter wankers, flying where they were told not to fly and people getting bored with them in general.  Sure they are great if you have a specific use case but for many it’s boring after the first five minutes.

These will, like the model aircraft business become far more a niche business with a few big vendors doing all the sales and people that make their own from scratch.

And with that, just like drones, this is so Sunday on a Monday and so yesterday and with that until I can stir that little pot a bit, au revoir…