Bluetooth winning, Headphone Jack on decline…

It shows that most of the negativity towards Bluetooth headsets is purely from ignorant imbeciles in the Tech Journalistic circles.

While the idiots in Tech screech about how bad the Apple Airpods are as they denigrate and foster a hate campaign against all bluetooth the biggest adopters,  Joe Public continue to adopt bluetooth as headsets.   In fact there is more demand for the Apple Airports at $159 than there is for the Applewatch 2.   
I’ve always preferred bluetooth for headsets,  I like the freedom to get up, walk across the room or pop into the next room without having to pick up the phone or device.  This is what attracts so many people they see the “advantages of bluetooth and have seen it turn from a medium that cut in and out to one that rarely has this issue.
I’ve heard a couple of people in tech complain about the lack of headphone jack and that they’ve lost their adapter or needed it and didn’t have it with them.  I’m not chastising them, for example, in my vehicle I keep a Bluetooth to 3.5mm adapter and always keep a spare one around,  problem solved and even better you don’t have to leave your phone sitting where you may forget it the device can be back in your pocket while the music plays.
If you are the only one at home and watching a show on an Apple TV bluetooth is the perfect way to not disturb others and the audio quality is dramatically improved.  A prime example was a few days ago, I was sitting watching a Youtube video on the Apple TV of car crashes taken on Dash Cams.  I literally jumped during one of the crashes, a side impact on the passenger side where a vehicle ground along the side of the vehicle with the dash cam, the sound quality was so good that jumped away from the right hand side of the chair as if I was in the passenger seat during that impact.  Yes the quality was that good.
I’m sure that if I had a set of headphones with a 3.5mm jack to a tablet that I would have had the same impact,  but wait… I ran a set of headphones to the TV messing with an adapter and listened through it and it was just not the same and didn’t feel the same.  There was less of a nuance,  I don’t know if it was because it came from the TV’s output but it was not the same.  Tried it on an iPad and the sound quality was the same and no the bluetooth didn’t break up the sound.  In fact I’ve only ever had it happen once and that was because I went off wandering and was off out into a metal building at the far end of the back yard while my phone was at the front of the house and I’m sure that I was really out of the operating range for bluetooth.
Either way,  rumors abound that Google are joining the Jackless afray with their Nexus replacement phone line the “Pixel” Phone line.  I’m sure that will make the headphone jack fans get jacked off.