Is Apple doing a Microsoft?

Really it’s a non-story, Apple are having macOS Sierra download automatically to Mac’s that have their update option set to download updates automatically.  A new story being spat around by a blog as if they are doing the same as Microsoft.

Why is it different?

Here’s why.  While Microsoft mislead the user and download whether the person wants it or not (sounds the same), the people that the OS is downloading automatically to people that have already previously said “YES” to automatic downloads.
Furthermore Microsoft would ask and then make it impossible to avoid downloading the OS, regardless of what option was selected you ended up not only downloading but the upgrade would take place automatically whether you wanted it to or now!
Unlike Microsoft, Apple still gives the user the option to update or not to macOS Sierra, even if it is downloaded or not and ergo it was forced upon the users.
In fact for many, unless their device is one of the older ones then this update is really not much of a change from the previous versions, it adds functionality but doesn’t impact the performance of the device.  My 2012 iMac does fine and still runs as fast as it did when it purchased, there has been no major decrease in performance.  This is totally unlike Microsoft where the functionality was totally different, had a negative impact for many devices and was forced on the users without warning even if they thought they had said NO.
So sadly for those looking for a negative story about Apple forcing an update onto Mac users, this is not the story that they are looking for and in fact uptake of macOS has been, as expected, normal and most that do want an update take it.
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You can decide for yourself….