Annoying 32bit app warning revived by Apple to shame lazy developers and ruin Users experience of iOS

Yeah, nothing worse than starting to run your app and then you have to tap OK like it changes anything for you.  You’re still going to use the App.

I noticed it last night using a regularly used App on my iPad.  Seems people are receiving them on iPhones too which really is unfair on the user, it ruins their experience.  Now don’t get me wrong, I do believe it is wrong for developers to have not recompiled their code for 64 bit iOS devices but it is wrong to ruin the experience for the users.
Especially when the app has just been purchased by the user only to find they are receiving a shit-eating message that kind of implies that their whole experience will be ruined by the app they have just purchased.
Surely Apple should simply tell the developers that if they don’t update their app’s or supply 64 bit versions of the same App then these app’s will no longer appear in the app store for devices that are 64 bit reducing their potential sales source to those with older 32 bit devices and the warning should be given before users enter into a purchase on the App store.
Apple shouldn’t expect the users to try and contact the developer and pester them, most times the developer doesn’t give a shit what the users things, in fact some developers, one of whom shall remain anonymous, are darn right rude to the users when they point how how badly implemented a feature is, the anonymous developer upon suggesting that they don’t have to send a notification every 5 seconds for the same things until you finally respond to the notification, that one would be enough, responded with “If you don’t like it then F**k Off”.  Pretty terrible for a paid for app.  The app is no longer used and I would not use any time soon or ever again in fact.
We all want a decent experience and Apple don’t have to bring the user into their campaign to get developers to update their app’s by making the personal experience any less while using an older app. 
Go on Apple, if you want dev’s to submit 64 bit versions of their app’s then pressure them and leave the users alone to use the app, albeit slower, while you pester the Developer yourself to update and like I suggested, why not just limit or threaten to pull the 32 bit app if they aren’t willing to participate in the process.