Is Google planning on deprecating Android in favor of Andromeda?

Today Google made it clear that many of the features found on their Pixel Devices will not trickle down to standard Android.  What may this mean?

There is one possibility, that these features will appear in Andromeda and when Andromeda OS goes live it will have a version of the OS for phones and tablets as well as desktop compatibility. 
With Google’s, or Alphabet’s, issues with anti-trust in Europe and possibly spreading to other places it is now in Googles interests to move away from supplying a version of Android with Google apps and services built in in preference to giving the option to download and install them manually.
It may sound strange but this would then absolve them of the crux of the anti-trust case giving everyone the choice to download whatever app store and apps without Googles being there by default.  I’m sure that the basic Android browser would allow this to be done.  This is all the the anti-trust case is over, people tend to stick to the services supplied or feel obligated to use and the EU, just as they did with Microsoft, want people to choose for themselves.
If they are planning to switch to Andromeda and then leave Android out in the cold will it mean that it doesn’t advance much further leaving any extra features up to the handset makers to add and leaving security updates to the handset makers while Google keep Andromeda as the OS specifically for their hardware while backwards compatible with Android they could turn it slowly into a walled garden where app’s slowly become incompatible with Android that are made specifically for Andromeda.
There would be no issue of Anti-trust if the new OS is specific to just their hardware, it would lock in buyers and would be very Apple-esque with the advantage that their Andromeda devices could run Android apps while also running those that are specifically written for Andromeda and it’s extra functionality. 
We could expect to see Google’s Andromeda OS on all their Pixel products such as the newer 4K casting device, the Pixel phones and any new tablet as well as their Google in the home device.
It would leave Android and it’s awful fragmentation mess behind and give Google the focus into the hardware business that they never really had with the Nexus range and slowly eradicate their obligation to keep working on Android and maintaining it for other manufacturers to slap them in the face and never offer OS updates or just allow a single OS update before the user is then ignored.
Sure Google will probably still be part of Google, it will live on in Andromeda and I am sure that the bare bones Android will continue to be supported for a time but then it will be up to the handset manufacturers to do their thing with the bare bones and make it work for them, something that they should all be capable of since they all screw around with the OS adding issues and instabilities as they do.
I’m probably wrong, I’m just a dumb schmuck and making wild guesses like any Analyst does but if you throw enough spaghetti at the wall something will stick.