French Company Sues Apple demand they are allowed to directly run code inside their own browser

Yeah it sounds strange but essentially while this is the demand it boils down to the way that Apple restricts other browsers on their iOS platform.

The company Nexedi says that because Apple require all HTML and extensions etc to run through the Safari browser system to read and interpret the code it stops new features from being added unless Apple include it in Safari. 
The trouble is, Apple limits and controls this because they don’t want to open a doorway to malware which they feel allowing third parties to create their own browser system that access the core system features directly.
What I cannot understand is, this has always been the same way from the day that the iPhone was launched, it’s not a new limitation or restriction.   Sure we Apple users may miss out on some features like WebRTC etc that are not present but for 99% of users we use the browser that comes with the device.  Even on Android when Chrome is not installed as default users will tend to just use the default Android one or the one supplied by the phone manufacturer and think nothing of it.   
So while Nexedi stomp their feet like little children most of us will continue how we always have and not give a second thought.
I’ve tried the 3rd party browsers but always return to Safari, I does what I need and for the most part I really don’t care and wouldn’t use another browser.  
Sorry Nexedi, as far as I am concerned you’re tantrum just doesn’t wash for me.