Highlights from Tech: Samsung Just Give up. Google go their own way. Hangouts Get hung out

For once I thought I’d have a major focus on notable non-Apple Stories during the past week.

Microsoft dumps their own blogging platform and moves to WordPress…

…Yes, unbelieavably Microsoft have decided that they don’t need a proprietary blogging platform and shunted 10,000, no 20,000, or whatever guessed number of accounts were on Microsoft’s CMS, blogs over to wordpress.  I presume they managed the migration was automatic and seems that most of these blogs belong to ‘professional’ businesses like law firms.  
Maybe Microsoft are realizing that they are not that great at software, as a software company.
Talking of Microsoft and Software…
…That surprised the world, after decades Microsoft finally update that free drawing software they include with Windows, the first signification and quite possibly the first ever update of Paint.
Google moving away from the soiled diaper called Android and slipping into a fresh clean Andromeda…

…Yes, I’ve said this before but now instead of me telling my two reader real blogs have started to come to the same conclusion though one of them backed down to the pressure of those losers at Google and removed their article, I won’t I refuse to bow down to the pressure one any arsehole.
Talking of dumping,  Hangouts is orphaned as a failure…

Yes, totally expected, another app that Google pushed on people has now been orphaned and is no longer a required app for Android, it just didn’t get liked at the start of life and Google decided to write a new app to replace it that can suck data from you in a better way.
Google launch their own Handset, I got it wrong about the Jack or had they panicked…

…Google entered the phone handset market by dumping their high specification low priced Nexus line and put a focus on a high end phone line under the Pixel name.  It’s priced as high as the iPhone line, these days though in comparison seems overpriced with the 128 GB Pixel Plus being more closely priced iPhone 7 Plus 256GB model.
Expect it to get an upgrade to Andromeda pretty damn soon though and Google have signaled that many features that are on the Pixel phones will not show up in Android on other devices any time soon which again gives credence to the deprecation of Android to just AOSP for other handset makers and Andromeda being for Google’s own product range only.
Expect also Chrome OS to go the same way with Andromeda being a be all OS for all Google Products freeing them from Antitrust issues by allowing users to choose Google services and apps themselves including installing Google’s App store for Android.
Twitter, it’s in the shitter and the outlook is getting shittier…

…okay, I couldn’t help it, I’ve wanted to use that again since I tweeted a link to an article about twitter.   Let’s face it, the outlook is bleak for Twitter.   They’ve allowed political correctness and bowing to tantrum crybaby minor celebrities who can’t learn to ignore people.  I ignore people all the time, literally.   An old lady taught me how to do it with people in person and it translates well to other situations, just switch off to the bullshit.  Instead they stomp their feet and then get their followers to stir up a storm and mass report.  A typical snowflake move.   
Twitter was once the bastion of freedom of speech but lately it’s turned into another sewer of idiocy and trantrums when they don’t get their way or someone has an opinion that they don’t like they go out of their way to target and remove that opposing opinion, claiming they are doing it because of ‘Twitter Rules’ when their actions of mass targeting and harassment and going after that person.   In fact the latest victim of this, a conservative or was, admitted crass and not a nice person, specifically targeted and then harassed and then mass reported and then one of the group boasted about how they had ‘made this person gone’.  Yet within minutes was talking about their own right to freedom of speech.
Unless Twitter treats ever user in an egalitarian manner either crack down on every single user that harasses another or makes derogatory comments or veiled threats & those that jump onto the bandwagon and suspend everyone of these people or permanently ban them Twitter will continue to decline.  
There are alternatives out there and people are moving to them, for example Minds.com.
So yeah, Twitter has screwed themselves over and all the potential buyers out there know that and feel that it is always going to fail and who is to blame? Twitter is, Jack Dorsey is!
Well enough about that.
Oh Dear Google’s search bias…

We’ve all heard about the claims of Google bias but, (and I don’t normally link to a story), Over Achiever did a piece that adds credence to this with product bias.
Can we presume from this that Google are deliberately biasing search for many other things?  I suspect so.
Google wants to eradicate all personal privacy…

According to TechCrunch & Natasha Lomas, Google really don’t want us to have any privacy, they want to erode any we have left in the name of truly personal service it wan’ts to embed and monitor our daily lives completely from what we do around the house ‘offline’ to what we say and everything that occurs online.
I agreed with Ms Lomas, This is NOT OKAY.
And with that…

…yeah it’s shorter than last week but it really has been quiet with most of the noise online being repeating of the same story continually and I’ve been out of town didn’t have time.  So for last week we close the book on the bullshit, thank you to my two regular subscribers, or is that three by now, who cares.

Remember that most opinions are my dementia filled ravings and shouldn’t be taken as gospel but we all have to remember that if you say something enough on social media or online then others will start to believe it and report it as if it is factual, exactly what happens with Analysts, moral of this story, as always, never trust an Analyst they’re full of shit.