Samsung, is their brand permanently tarnished?

This is a big question, is the Samsung Brand for phone products damaged beyond repair?

In light of Samsung’s blatant failure to fix a major issue in their Galaxy Note 7 with a device and send out replacements that continued to have that very same issue.  Concerns are that they didn’t actually fix any issue because of the speed of turn-around for those products it would be easy to say that it has suffered serious harm.
Stepping back, you have to look at all their products and if every device exploded or burst into flames then you have to say YES, but and this is the biggest but, it’s only this one device where the devices are consistently failing in that same manner at a mammoth percentage higher than other products made by Samsung Mobile.
The Galaxy Note Brand made by damaged beyond the point of recovery and future products may have to be rebranded to make it desirable and distance future releases enough to not remind people of the Note 7.  They may have to lose the Galaxy branding too, who knows.
So no Samsung aren’t damaged, financially it has harmed the mobile division of the company and they will have future launches of devices that will need more money thrown at it just to push a product and hype enough.  I know of several people that were going to replace their S6’s and were scared by the whole issue that they didn’t buy any Samsung device and switched to alternative Android or even dropped Android totally and moved to Apple devices.
Sure there will be the life-long Samsung smartphone fans just like there are life-long Apple device fan’s that will always buy Samsung.
In fact signs are that whatever device Samsung launches they may be going back to removable batteries and to hell with the thinness.  Let’s be honest, we don’t need skinny phones, as an Apple user I hate having to have a case just to make the phone feel thick enough that I can hold it comfortably.
Should we look towards an early launch for a device to keep Samsung’s income bobbing along?  Possibly.