The candid drama.

It seems that a new app called Candid has gotten mired into a whole mess of its own making.  The developers paid you tubers to make advertising that implied that they had ‘discovered’ their app and it was really great and allowed people to make comments in true anonymity.  Turns out that it’s not so, that they are harvesting data.

When you sign up you either supply your phone number or facebook account.  It seems, according to those that looked deeply at the app, that when you supply a facebook account it then goes through the facebook data and collects data about you and your usage, which apps you are using etc.  It literally data mines facebook.
It also seems that the AI conveniently picks and chooses what it censors, a prime example was demonstrated where it silenced the statement “Kill all Blacks” but didn’t silence “Kill all Whites”.   The CEO Bindu Reddy claims it uses Twitter as one of the sources that it uses to provide a basis of what is right and what is wrong.  When asked about this example on a live stream she claimed that it had already learned Kill all Blacks was wrong because of the words Kill and Blacks.  Surely if it were working AI it would have learned that the words “Kill” followed by “All” was something that would be censored.
When a few detractors such as youtuber Harmful Opinions questioned the app they paid others that had already been paid to target the detractors and then denied it while one of them was blatant enough to have said he was paid to make a video attacking but the attack was so strong that they had told him he couldn’t publish it.
Personally, I have erred on the side of caution and chosen to remove it after initially installing to look at it.  I wouldn’t say everyone should remove it or not install it but I people smarter than myself have suggested more strongly that you should because they make all the other platforms that harvest data seem suddenly very honest.