Why protesting Peter Thiel’s donation by boycotting PayPal is wrong and stupid!

In light of Peter Theil’s donation to the Donald Trump presidential campaign there has been a call by those angry at it to boycott PayPal. Why is this boycott action wrong?

First of all and most importantly, Peter Thiel doesn’t have any connection with PayPal anymore.   It won’t have any affect on him.  It’s kind of like not eating Honey because you don’t like flowers.
Secondly, the only people that will be truly impacted are people that sell on eBay etc that use PayPal because it is convenient and efficient for them to use it.  It is their income that is put at risk simply because many years ago Peter Thiel was one of the founders.
Third, it is not going to change anything!  Are those calling for the boycott so low IQ that they think that $1.25 Million is going to make a change to the political process?  These are the same people that run around touting how unlikely Donald Trump is likely to wn the election.  Now it seems to put doubt on their claims.
Fourth, everyone has the right to spend their money on what they like and they should not be punished for giving it to a political campaign.  If Peter Thiel had donated the money to the Clinton Campaign would the same call be made?  There are a lot of big donations that have been made to her campaign and many from companies, should they be boycotted?  No and neither should any business that Peter Thiel was, or still is, associated with.
Fifth and finally, Grow the fuck up and get a fucking life and if you are as much pro-equality as you all claim you are then stop trying to suppress people’s rights because they don’t agree with your views you sad fucking children.