So what do I expect or hope for at the next Apple Event?

So the rumor mill has been at it again,  they have set their hearts on an October 27th Event date and the subject being the Mac range of devices.  So what do I hope or expect at this event?

Presuming it is about the Mac range…

Let’s start at the bottom of the range

Mac Mini
Yes, let’s start down at the Mac Mini.   If it does get any update it will be a minor update in the processor.  Nothing major but most times it is really just a low priced entry level device and mostly purchased by those wanting a compact device for a specific vertical task or those that only want a device for basic use like bookkeeping and email etc where performance is not really an issue. 
If I had been smart I would have gone this way instead of the fortune I spent on an iMac that only is mostly used for light duty.
We could see an ARM based Mac Mini though who knows,  yeah I rag on this a lot but at some point it will happen, even Intel are starting to bring their focus on to ARM chipsets. We already know that macOS is running on a machine in the Apple engineering labs on an Arm based system.
Macbook Air

The consensus among the many bloggers, coming from a single ANALyst is that the cheapest Macbook Air or even the whole Air range is finally going to be phased out.
I think that it may be the end of days for it but suspect that it may have a replacement and that replacement could be also be an introduction to an ARM based Macbook Air keeping the same battery, same screen specification and an ARM variant of macOS.  They could lower the price a little and drive a student market towards using an ARM based Mac.  

This will probably not get an immediately update, it just had one, though again they may be ready to make a switch to ARM on it but I doubt it unless they make it a cross-over machine but unlikely until next March.
Macbook Pro

The tech media are wetting themselves with excitement, this is a shoe in for an update to a new chipset, possibly more ram and default SSD drives with higher capacity at base level and all devices having Retina displays.
If the rumors are true then the function key line will be a touch screen instead of physical buttons and allows for other data and update information to be displayed.
I believe that if so the Macbook range may have fingerprint unlock and security features too and a secure enclave built into the ARM processor, it may have a low power mode using the ARM processor to allow for a standby mode that maintains notifications etc. 
This will be the tentative step towards a switch to Apple’s own processors for all macbook’s and iMac’s.
Expect also a range of color variants to include Gold and maybe black and the dropping of the ugly lit Apple logo.

When it comes to the desktop range,  this year may see the ending of the lower resolution models and the departure from rotating hard drives onto SSD only devices.  The option to upgrade ram may be lost.
Apple may, possibly, introduce an ARM chipset into a base model 21 inch device.  Will they introduce new keyboard with fingerprint or turn the power button of the iMac into a fingerprint sensor for unlocking and security including purchasing etc?  Quite possibly this may be included in all iMac’s if there is an update.
Don’t expect a mammoth boost in power from any new Intel chipset for these though.  There is no mammoth performance gain from the Kabylake processors.
Hopefully they will bring out gold or black as a color option but this is unlikely.


Doen’t expect shit!  Literally,  don’t expect an update.
If they were to update it I expect it would be new graphics, slightly faster processor and 5K support.

Don’t expect anything.  Sorry no fancy mesh network.
Display screens

Expect a 5K display screen that will work with iMac’s as a separate display and possibly for an updated to 5K MacPro. 
I don’t really expect a display screen.
Connectors on all devices
It may seem strange to put a separate section concerning connectors but it would be stupid to repeat the same shit over and over.
All devices will add support for USB-C, possibly dropping full size USB requiring an adapter to add functionality on the smaller devices.  The iMac and Mac Pro being the exception to the rule where they will lose one USB port and it will be replaced with USB-C.
All new Laptop’s will add support for lightning connector and will lose the headphone jack, possibly losing the headphone jack on all devices.  They will include a lightning to headphone jack adapter instead and other lightning adapters will be compatible.  Apple’s headphone’s with lightning jack will also have complete compatibility.  A new lightning to lightning lead will be available as optional extra allowing faster iPhone/iPad syncing to a mac through the lightning connector with charging available for the iPad/iPhone but only one way charging, no charging available for the Mac via this connection.
So that’s all for my flight of fantasy fueled by the flights of other’s fantasy.  Don’t expect any of my predictions to be correct, thankfully readership is limited to just a fuel that come to laugh and take the piss, at least with me I am not being paid to come up with this bullshit like those at online publications that make wilder predictions that you or I do and play chinese whispers with their total wank!