Can you trust an item sold as Genuine Apple product from 3rd party vendor?

Apple have taken legal action against Amazon for selling fake power supplies, leads etc claiming them to be Genuine Apple products made by Apple for Apple products.  In their action they point out that 90% of all parts tested from the Amazon products they purchased were fake and all came from a single source, Mobile Star LLC.

The big question is, can you really trust that the product you are buying from that 3rd party vendor is actually a real Apple product or a fake brought in wholesale or shipped to you from China that is potentially dangerous.
I’ve bought products that were in “Apple” packaging and they have not been Apple products.  These were bought off eBay and Amazon and they didn’t work or fell apart.  Various adapter have just not worked.
Other items were advertised as being OEM stock and arrived in a little plastic envelope inside a larger plastic envelope with no markings and just didn’t work or worked once or twice and gave up.  One of the products actually claimed on the eBay listing that it was shipped direct from an authorized Apple reseller in California, 3 weeks later it arrived from China and was a piece of junk.
These days if I want products that are Apple branded I will pay the extra and purchase from Apple and know it is coming from Apple’s warehouse.
I do purchase 3rd party products that are MFi, Made For iDevice (iPod, iPad, iPhone) and these have been good quality but I tend to avoid purchasing from those where the price is deceptively low and I never trust the use of MFi on a listing on eBay unless it is a recognized brand and again located in the USA and even then I don’t buy more than one until I know that it is truly MFi.
What surprised me about Amazon is that they do have a good quality range of Amazon Basics and Amazon Branded Apple compatible devices that are all MFi and are all cheaply priced and high quality.  In fact when it comes to lightning charger/data leads Amazon’s own brand MFi cable is higher quality than Apple’s.  It makes me wonder if these were supplied on the basis that they were Apple OEM by Mobile Star LLC and Amazon were misled by them.
Either way, Apple need to start buying from eBay vendors because eBay has a wholesale program that connects resellers with larger vendors that bulk sell for a claimed discount Apple components (claiming they are OEM).  
I purchased a massive quantity of the earbuds from them because they were all in the Apple style casing and the vendor had said they were original.  I couldn’t cover the cost of purchase because most were faulty, some didn’t work, some literally fell apart and ended up giving them to friends and family telling them that they were not Apple but would do to keep in a purse or glovebox in their car as a standby if they forgot a set.  Even when I had tried to sell them on eBay I chose to sell them as third party headphones/compatibles and only sold two sets out of 96 sets purchased.  The second one complained about the quality so I refunded that and chose to not sell any more and then found that out of 20 sets I opened only 3 sets could be used at all and one of those the sound quality was awful.
Trouble is, while I had the moral compass to reimburse the buyers I sold to because I felt the quality was not good enough (and tell them to keep and use or dispose of the product at their end) there was and still is a massive number of vendors on eBay selling these sets of Headphones as Apple Original products when they are not.  In fact the Vendor selling these fake units was when I last looked selling them to the public and undercutting the vendors they had sold product to for resale.
When it comes to Apple products on eBay I would say BUYER BEWARE.  If you want genuine Apple products pay the Apple price and get from Apple and at least you can then complain to Apple about the quality of the product.