Why people tend to feel more let down by an Apple product launch…

Have you noticed that everyone seems to feel a little disappointed as every device launch turns out to have been predicted weeks or months in advance?

Yes, me too.  Trouble is it is the leaks and the digging and the likes of 9to5Mac etc that report these leaks and push them continually.  Sure it’s how they make their income through advertising dollars and requires that traffic but when they are wrong and predict because of a false leak or rumor (and this goes for every single reporting outlet that makes these stupid predictions) that gross overstated some feature that turns out not to be present then we feel like we have been cheated out of this feature that was never there to being with.
The launch of the iPhone 7 was a prime example.  Every single new feature that we may have gasped about was already common knowledge.  Apple could have simple posted a press release and then said “yeah the leaks were right”.  For the past few years the only development that seems to be locked down is the Applewatch and no new features were leaked.
In fact for the better part the Mac range don’t get that same attention and guess work.  It is only this time that rumors have abounded about the Mac range and even that is pretty limited.  
We can be sure that there is someone in the iPhone and iPad development team that is leaking details to the public and when details are leaked as accurately as they currently are it means that people are left disappointed, like children on christmas day that wrapped their own gifts the night before.
One thing that is blatantly obvious is that Tim Cook does not have the tight control over leaks or hunts down the mole the way that Steve Jobs would have.  For Apple launches to become magical again Tim Cook needs to go on a witch hunt and make sure that the leaks are  taken from a river down to a trickle.
It’s okay for Tech websites or bloggers to muse or make educated guesses but when they are taking away the magic of the launch of a product it hurts everyone.
Literally as soon as the iPhone 7 was launched they started making claims to having bonafide knowledge of what the iPhone 7’s successor will be like,  some of these claims were made that very same day or even before the iPhone 7 was officially unveiled.
We all like a good guess, gossip about what might be coming, but these are no longer gossip, they are the result of what would have been deemed, if a competitor were to publish details, industrial espionage against Apple.
I remember when I used to enjoy reading Rene Ritchie at iMore post his wet dream about what the next iPhone will be with talk of his hope of ‘liquid metal’ being used or some wild feature that he was excited over.  Then they entered into Fifty Shades of Rumors.  Well the chinese whispers that takes place.   Once person reports the leak and the next simply repeats it and so on until everybody can’t miss seeing it.  Thankfully he has made the decision over there that it had to stop.
While I am happy to read the rumors and in the weekly roundup include or mock them I choose to treat them as simply gossip.  In fact when I make my wild predictions for that two people that actually read my ravings they are just wet dreams or hopes.  If they turn out to be correct then they are really coincidence.   
To Tim Cook, it’s time you do that witch hunt and eradicate the leaks and get that magic back.  While these “100% accurate” predictions continue the device launches will continue to be without any magic and people will continue to feel like there is no new innovation in Cupertino.