Are We more biased or tribalistic thanks to Social Media and the Internet?

One thing that seems to have become apparent this year is that there has been a far more vocal approach on social media when it comes to political side taking.  In fact it has become quite an us and them situation, they side takers determined to refute the opposing opinions in many cases not caring about checking the factuality of that opposing opinion.
Humans are pack animals,  it’s why we tend to socialize in gangs, groups or support particular teams.  It is inherent that we do that.  Some people will stand and deny that they are but then will put in a profile that they will block this type of person or that type of person or persons.  The reason being that they feel this type of person will not fit into their idea of who should be a member of their tribe.  The person may agree on many many things but unless they meet 100% of the required criteria they’re not going to be part of your gang (group or tribe).  
This tribalism has always been around, it’s been at the center of wars and genocides since pre-history.  It will continue to be around because it’s genetically programmed into humans just as it is in other pack animals, it’s a protective mechanism to group together.  
The 2012 Presidential election was the where we saw the use of Twitter and Facebook to spread political messages, Barack Obama’s campaign were masterful and utilized social networks while the Romney campaign just failed to realize the significance.  Jump forward four years to 2016 and you see both how all candidates managed to trigger the pack animal in people.   Bernie supporters clumped together, Trump supporters became a tribal pack and Clinton supporters amalgamated into a tribal pack too as did those supporting other candidates and boy it has become vicious.
In fact this presidential election has become such a hate filled campaign where, instead of everyone listening to the various points of view, it has become a case of mass misinformation, propagandizing and general hate.
I’m sure there are Liberals that will say that they have not been hate filled but they have been and the same goes for Conservatives.  Both sides have been as bad as the other and it’s made worse because people don’t want to listen.  They have this idea.  For example many of the Liberals that have been most vicious have been women or have decided that come hell or high water they want a woman president and these are the ones that have been most aggressive when it comes to eradicating those that don’t agree with them demanding that people mass report those that have said something that, at any other time, would not be a big deal.
I had one person contact me asking me to report someone because of some implied threat to President Obama.  I told them that if they think it is a threat they should contact by phoning the Secret Service and made a formal report and let them decide whether it is credible or not instead of trying to have someone suspended on Twitter for saying something that they don’t agree with.  The tweet was barely a threat and was barely coherent.  The person got angry when I wouldn’t join their mass report and accused me of not taking the safety of the President seriously!  All because I questioned their tribalistic demand to take out an enemy of their tribe.
In fact the tribalism has become so bad that news outlets, the TV, the Press and the online news  have all joined the tribalism trying to sway people’s opinions.  We expected it to be a little swaying but the bias has literally become excessive with out and out changing of facts or cutting news clippings to give a totally different viewpoint than the original clip had portrayed.
We hear people talk about the use of propaganda by Hitler and make comparison’s but really what the major media outlets are doing is no different and is being used to create a narrative that fits the particular cause they are protagonists for.  We saw CNN literally cut out a demand that Blacks go to the white neighbors and burn them down because it didn’t fit the narrative the news wanted to show.  Fox News have done similar things as have all media but this year has probably been the most blatant bias on all aspects and it is spreading and made worse by social media and even those that operate the main Social Media and even Search Engines have shown that they are not beyond using tools at their hands to bias the message to the masses.
Back in the earlier days of social media, especially in the case of Twitter it was seen as the protagonist of Freedom of Speech.  They were the voice of the people in countries and was a tool to pass messages to the masses.  2016, not so much.  Their CEO Jack Dorsey tried to claim that they were “The Peoples News Outlet”, this after silencing many that had made statements that he didn’t agree with and was scared of a backlash by some political groups so he banished those that were seen as the instigators.  
Either way how can Jack Dorsey claim one thing when his actions have proven a totally different stand point.  In fact now that I think about it, were these uprisings and Twitter’s involvement accidentally linked or has Twitter always been the tool of Neocon’s to foment uprisings to benefit a relatively small group.
Facebook is not blameless either, deliberate biasing of top stories to give dominance to the desired political party choice of Mark Zuckerberg, even though he denied it while members of the team he fired for doing it explicitly said they were told they had to do it.  Worse still the silencing of people that make statements that are not desirable by Facebook is just wrong.
These days we cannot trust the search engines,  Google have been known to search suggestions in their auto fill list to give a political bias of their desire.  Youtube similarly has targeted specifically those that highlight Liberals, Black Lives Matters and SJW’s for criticism demonetizing the video’s and it seems automatically unsubscribing those that follow them to reduce the volume of their message.  
It has become more and more appealing to look towards newer social platforms such as where those that are tired of not being able to speech without being silenced by those that disagree because they are not members of their pack or tribe and where people want to hear all views not just those that someone has decided is suitable for us.
In fact has taken off where other social media struggled because has turned into a place where people can use their minds, can think for themselves and can talk without fear of a mob attacking them.
Will we ever get the reset that the internet needs? Will we see elections that are not dirty biased and controlled by movements and corporations?  Very unlikely, what we can do is learn to step away from the tribal mentality, keep that for your favorite sports teams or for your country, and focus on communication.  Listening to others points of views is mentally growing. You don’t have to agree with what others say but you shouldn’t feel that you have some absolute right handed down by some deity to decide what others get to hear, read, or say.  I’m not vocalizing for those that think particular acts are okay but having different opinions on politics, social justice and TV shows are not good enough reasons to have another’s voice censored or muted simply because you and your crony’s don’t like that voice.  That’s what blocking their voice so that just you don’t hear it is for.  Don’t let others dictate what you can or cannot hear and don’t try and dictate what others hear.  Don’t become one of those pack members allowing others to dictate your opinions!
 Preserve that right that the founding fathers of the United States of America felt was so important that it became the first amendment of the Constitution that protects OUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH!