Apple, AI, Personal Data & Privacy?

Many people know my personal feelings about Google and Privacy, about Facebook and Privacy and my lack of trust, especially in light of Google quietly changing policy and no longer anonymizing the information about you that they send to advertisers.  This has been one of my biggest stumbling blocks with Android and why I switched back to the iPhone within 12 months.

One thing that we know that makes many features work on Android is that there is no real privacy, why would I trust Apple.
The answer is quite simple.  It’s okay when data is used just for that purpose and that purpose only and by that I mean my my benefit.  When the data is being used for the benefit of the company and used to create income it ceases to be a service and becomes an abuse.  I know there are those of you out there such as Leo Laporte that will say “You’ve got to pay for these free things and letting the company have access to the data and utilize that data to generate income is the payment”.  Trouble is, that they make far out of the sale of your personal data and activity information etc than the cost of the services and therefore they are far from free, you are paying a premium for those services.
Apple is not invested in selling the information they will collect, the collection of the information is purely to make Apple AI when it is introduced work for me and benefit me without the data being sold onto third parties, it remains data that held between the user and Apple and I as the user can choose what data is actually shared and the level of sharing.  We remain in control.
This is a juxtaposition compared to Google where it is not an option to opt out, they are going to take data about you and your usage whether you like it or not and the only way to avoid this is to not use their services and not use Android or Chrome or any other Google product.  In fact the same applies for Facebook.  Facebook are busy selling your activity and in fact they are always looking for ways of accessing your personal data that is not supposed to be accessible to them just to resell and profit form, Facebook is far from a free service.
 YES, Apple’s AI will want access to your data.  
  YES, it means they will be collecting or collating data about you and your usage etc.
  YES, You still get to choose how much they can access of your data and usage.
  YES, Your data is still private.
  NO, it is not sold on, they don’t gain financially from collecting your data.
  NO, your data is not accessible by others.
So when it comes to the introduction of Apples AI update to SIRI and the various services through Apple the come as part and parcel of using Apple products I will make the decision based on my needs as to what data Apple should have access to in their effort to improve Siri as a personal assistant using AI.