Why is change is so hard for people and tech?

Every time tech advances slightly there is always uproar,  most recently was the loss of the 3.5mm headphone jack where Tech journalists seemed to be focused on denouncing it and having their little tantrums, Leo Laporte was instantly telling everyone he would never buy a phone without the headphone jack, one of his fellow hosts on a show Andy Ahnatko, who strangely enough doesn’t even own an iPhone phone but uses Android, threw an absolute hissy fit.  Complaining about the cutting in and out, an issue that was really only extremely bad on older USB 2.1 and earlier while those of us that use USB 4.1 and later suffer far less from this issue.

Both have suddenly come round to the fact that for everyday use bluetooth is perfectly fine, something that myself and others have said.
This uproar by the tech media had me thinking and then I thought back and it happens regularly.
IBM keyboard socket to the mini-sockets that replaced that big lumbering connector.  Yes, many complained about it.  In fact I didn’t like the smaller connector, not because it was different but because I was had to physically look to see how they were being plugged in.  I didn’t want to use Windows either preferring DOS and for the longest time would run DOS software within the command prompt on windows because that was what I was used to,  didn’t complain about it but many did complain.  In fact they handled switching to USB for keyboard and mouse far better.
Meanwhile there was complaints about the switch from 5 1/4 inch floppies to 3 1/2 inch that I sat listening to.  I was all for the smaller diskettes, Easier to handle and transport but so many didn’t trust them because they didn’t have a paper sleep even though I pointed out that it was not necessary.
There were tech journalist tantrums too when Apple removed the 3 1/2 inch floppy, when they stopped including a Cd/DVD reader too.  The abolsute tantrums when Apple said that all their applications would only be available through online download was classic! Now none of these things bothered me.  It made life easier for me.  I hated storing all those boxes and other crap from applications that I bought in the store.  The manuals I never read etc so for me it was a relief.
So really the removal of the headphone jack and the tantrums and tears should never have come as a shock.  In fact I should have been ready for it.  The griping and whining from the same group of self-serving shits that call themselves Tech Journalists had already griped when the Apple TV model 4 was launched and they confused the top and bottom of the remote control on it.
You know that we should all be waiting for the latest changes to the Mac range and the tantrums we will see from those same privileged assholes.   When some were discussing the rumor that there will be a fingerprint reader (as I have previously alluded to, see way way way below in an earlier post) one of these privileged said “Why do I need another fingerprint reader I already have an iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch 2! AND…. I just don’t know how they are going to have a secure enclave on the Mac?! (He hadn’t read my tweets or my blog, not a surprise ha ha ha) In fact he Showed a stark inability to think beyond it being a Mac, what an idiot and yes he shall remain nameless.
So my question is, are people really so afraid of adapting to change?  It seems that change is difficult for people in the Tech Industry, especially the more privileged they seem to be.  I can’t wait for Apple to switch away from Intel and produce devices based on their own ARM processors.   All those that bought direct from developers and not through the App store that won’t get free updates to ARM based versions of their favorite purchased apps.