Tech Journalists disgusted that the New Macbook Pro range is missing SD Card reader! SMH

Incredibly, as expected when I posted yesterday about whining Tech Journalists we see that they are literally whining again.  The most ridiculous complaint came from “The Verge” which I presume stands for being on the Verge of stupidity.  They’re complaint was that Apple no longer includes an SD Card reader.

I’ve got to say, on my iMac I used to use it but I must emphasize the word USED.  These days not so much that I would miss it and to be honest I would rather have a separate reader, a nice cheap inexpective one that I can carry in the pocket of a camera backpack or something similar but most times these days I use my iPhone for most of my basic photography and when my last DSLR broke I sold it for parts or repair online along with the lenses and just have not bothered replacing it and to be honest doubt whether I will.  I really only used it casually and the iPhone camera does it just as well.  Sure sometimes it doesn’t quite get it right but I’m a “don’t give a shit” type of guy,  Heck, one of my favorite photographs was taken not with a DSLR but with a Blackberry Storm and it came out looking good and the Storm was not blessed with a great camera or great camera software.
We all expected the gripe about the loss of the Magsafe connector but we all need to grow up and let’s be honest if the device is being charged through a standardized connection like the USB-C connector, which I presume from their whining it is, then just replace the cable or better still don’t get up and wander off with the device connected.   We’re all grown up and most people work in a chair or in a desk but we all should notice that white flex connected to our device.  Windows devices have gotten by over the years without magsafe and the only people impacted were those that plugged in their laptops and swung them around.
We had one person in our family for whom we would end up replacing their laptop every few months because she was worried the battery would go flat and left it connected and the connector would fail whereas those of us that only plugged it in when we we are charging never had the problem and in fact one luggable (at 8 pounds in weight it was really not a laptop unless you wanted your legs going numb after a few minutes) laptop lasted 2 years before it was donated to a friend that needed to replace a desktop and didn’t have  money and it had been retired months earlier.
I’m still waiting for the whining about the fingerprint reader, but wait, it was exactly how I had anticipated it right down to the little ARM based chipset with secure enclave, why anyone would not anticipate these things when it was obvious that they would proceed to simplify the purchasing process for those that have the 2016 MacBook and the only way of making sure that the process is secure is to have it handled by a smaller ARM based chip that manages the fingerprint process and the nice thing is that it operates the power on process etc.
The biggest change, one that I always wanted was the eradication of the backlit Apple logo.  That was way way way too tacky yet the moron’s in the press loved it.  Imagine for a moment how annoying it is to see a glowing Apple when you are sitting across a starbucks, while it catches your eye it also becomes irritating for others around, nobody wants to have their eyes drawn to you.  
I’m not going to laud the launch of the devices,  they are what I expected and if I were in the market to replace my iMac or needed a Macbook then I’d buy the 13 inch MacBook Pro, simply because it’s light enough to use on my lap if the need is there.  13 inches is more than enough and it has the larger trackpad which is why I had never purchased a Macbook,  I love the gestures on the trackpad for my iMac and was always worried that the one on the Macbook would be too small but the new models have one that is big enough.
What is my stumbling block?  I bought an iPad Pro and paired it with the bloody awful (yeah gonna call it what it is) Logitech Creative keyboard for the 12.9 inch iPad Pro.  It’s just not a nice keyboard.  I’m using it right now and it’s just hit and miss, sometimes it works, sometimes it just stops working for no reason and I really need to superglue the “lock” button because I’ll go to tap delete and tap that instead.  Either way, all in, including another cover, I spent as much as the cheapest Macbook.  On top of that the iPad Pro does as much of the work that the iMac does or a Macbook would do and does it well.
For those that have been holding out for the new Macbook or were worried about the loss of the Macbook Air, then once the new models hit the store it will be a perfect purchasing opportunity and once they launch if you are looking for a factory refurb Macbook Pro then it will be an ideal time too, many people will be trading in and trading up and the internet will be full of them just don’t make the error of purchasing online from vendors claiming it is the latest model when it is the old model they are selling.