Should Macbook Pro users look to Windows Laptops as an alternative for video & photo editing?…

The question of whether it is time to switch from macOS to Windows and buy Windows based devices for photo-editing and video-editing.  Should we?
For some I would say most definitely, if you are not invested in the Apple ecosystem then you may not need a Mac.  I personally wouldn’t switch but that’s because I am heavily invested into the Apple ecosystem.
Yes, I use the Apple productivity suite,  I can produce complex efficient spreadsheets consistent of many tables that cross reference each other and tabulate results, edit and operate them quickly and efficiently.   They work and they work well for me.  I could use Microsoft’s productivity package but Excel is just too clunky to use, even on an iPad or even an iPhone the spreadsheets are easy to use.  
Photo editing can be done on either platform,  the software is available on both platforms that most use.  It is when it comes to video editing it becomes more complex.
One tech blogger seems to think that just any windows laptop could video edit but, just as with the Macbook and the mac mini and even the Macbook air it becomes rather slow and inefficient but still possible if you are willing to wait those extended processing times.   It’s okay for a short video of a few seconds or minutes, in fact even an iPad or iPhone can be used to edit video and compile it when it’s just a few minutes long but time is a constraint for most of us.  
Even on my iMac it takes a while and most that do large amounts of video editing use the Mac Pro or a high end windows system designs specifically for that type of task, again with any laptop you are going to have the same constraint and not only that you are restricted to the graphics chip set that the maker selected for you and many cheaper Windows systems are just not going to do it well if at all.  Some of the packages will refuse to run saying the laptops are inadequate.
I can’t say that those that produce video will struggle without video editing applications, there are plenty of them out there and plenty of them are low cost of free while others are perfectly fine.
So for me, I won’t be changing and for many others they won’t,  we are invested in the Apple ecosystem but for those less invested they can try a Windows laptop as an alternative.
Personally this grumble from the a certain group of tech bloggers (we can’t really call them journalists, they’re really just hack’s at best) is driven by their need to whine and gripe because there is too much change and they just can’t cope with change.