Should Apple put their faith in the 3rd party developers for the success of the touchbar?

While some of the Tech journalists are stunned that Apple has put the future of the little touch bar on Macbook Pro’s in the hands of third party developers leaving it to the to developer apps to utilize this toolbar.

The trouble is, Apple have launched their own updates already that take advance of it and even more importantly third parties are preparing updates that utilize this feature too.

Is it not too much to anticipate though that this is the direction that all devices will move, to some kind of secure personal authentification rather than entering passwords, for example using your fingerprint to log in,  oh yeah, one of the password management tools already has implemented that.

The whole point of this tool bar is to simplify functionality.  Sure we all remember many of the old style word processors that relied on the tapping of various function keys to pull down the appropriate menu.  The pain of searching those menus or having a card guide at the top of the keyboard to remind you where to find the correct option.  In fact for many of us we gave up and would learn the short cuts using Control/Alt etc to access them because it was easier to learn those shortcuts than it is to remember which function key was home to the menu that held the option you required.

The only things that I use the function keys on my Mac is literally the hard ware control functions and finally there is a way for companies to make use with logical easy to see tasking.

In fact I would say that if they had done the same as they did with Siri and kept it locked to just Apple it would have retarded functionality and may have had a negated the whole point of the touch bar.  Look at how long before Siri started to become truly useful!  It’s only with iOS 10.1 that we are seeing real functionality appearing and that is only after Apple allowed access to Siri by developers and I’m sure that iOS 11 will go further and extend the range of functionality that Siri can do.  We can be sure that Apple noted that Siri was harmed, no retarded, by the lack of developer access to various tools but remember that Siri was one of the last additions that Steve Jobs implemented as CEO before he passed away and he was notorious for keeping features locked to purely Apple and I’m sure that if he was still with us he would have had everything locked down still both on iOS and on macOS.

Apple needs to be looser with access to new functionality both to improve adoption by users but also to stress test the features and make sure that they are implemented without flaws.  The progression to a company that works with the various developers that they trust most to get better features both in hardware and in the OS.