What to expect in the next Generation of iMac…

We could alternatively title this, “What we have wet dreams about that we want to see built into the new iMac”, so yeah these are the features that we hope to see in the new iMac.

We can expect there to be an update possibly at the start of next year, I think we could be waiting to April or May next year but we can have a wish list of new features.

First and biggest is, Fingerprint sensor built into the iMac.  Whether it is built into the power button or built into the keyboard or built into the body of the Mac.  I suspect that if it does get included then it will be built into the keyboard and a new generation of the keyboard will be born that communicates far more through bluetooth or even maybe through the WiFi network.  Either way it will be a more expensive keyboard, expect it to retail for at least $200.  It will have a larger battery to accommodate the power consumption of the OLED touch bar.  We suspect that the keyboard will be specifically associated with the device it was set up with and will contain the secure enclave etc, allowing it to be used on older iMac’s.
The lower resolution iMac’s will bade us a farewell and the default will be the retina display models.  All other features are purely bumps in processor and graphics.  
Since they are desktops they don’t have the memory restriction that the Macbook’s all suffer because there is no need to worry about the battery drain of extra memory.
Expect to see the connections on it to be replaced with all USB-C possibly with 4, 6 or 8 USB-C style connectors, allowing Thunderbolt 3 to used on all but I would expect it to be far less.  I would suspect just four thunderbolt and no card reader but it may retain the headphone jack.
We would love to see maybe space grey for the iMac but I suspect that we will be limited to just the standard silver.  We can expect that the iMac’s go to all SSD drive with the demise of the spinning hard drive. 
It is doubtful whether there will be any major styling changes.
Aside from these predictions expect the iMac to be purely a small bump and the I/O connections harmonized with the macBook Pro’s and macbook.