Apple Watch sales may not be booming but Apple still leads in sales compared to other smartwatch makers…

After all the claims that Apple Watch sales were declining it turns out that really sales are doing fine, certainly in comparison with competition like Samsung, Fitbit etc the Apple Watch sales are doing fine and Apple are still selling more than everyone else with an estimated 2.8 million sold during the third financial quarter.

I would guess that the change of focus to one of health and fitness has boosted uptake of the Apple Watch extra functionality for the 2016 model allowing it to be used while swimming etc and the faster processor in the updated first release of the Apple Watch has helped attract new buyers.
Next year or the following year we will see a boost as those like myself decide it’s time to update to a new model of the Apple Watch. 
All the things that I worried about like scratching the glass or the casing has not happened,  it still looks pristine and only take mine off when charging or showering.  This of course was a concern for those that bought Android smart watches but for many they ended up with those worries becoming a reality with the failure of connectors or the devices coming apart.  Luckily I’ve found that my fears have been allayed and more than a year into use it is still in great condition.