Apple Listens, Microsoft Hacks, Google Getting Better…

Tech was the week that was Nov 6th
As usual here a snapshot of the stories that really caught my eye this week, not all but the ones that were most interesting to me.
Apple’s Jony Ive says…
Yeah TNW, you say it as you think.  Of course people can be, and have been, wrong.  Jony Ive isn’t any more perfect than you or me, well you at least (sorry couldn’t help it, just wanted to say it and I did) and I have to agree somewhat.
Though I have taken to using my 12.9 inch iPad Pro more and more and rely on the touch screen for much of that even though I use it like a laptop almost totally and have gotten used to using a combination of onscreen gesturing and keyboard shortcuts and usage, and for some tasks  I have to use the onscreen keyboard, both because a task requires it and also because the the Logitech Creative keyboard will suddenly cease working correctly with some keys just not working at all and others jamming.
So maybe Jony Ive was working on the basis that it would cannibalize the iPad market but as we have seen the Surface market hasn’t really been harmed too much, in fact they made it possible to have both functionality with all their products.
I think though that the bigger difference between Windows devices is that they redesigned windows around using touch, it’s not always successful at implementing but macOS would struggle and many of the things that I would use a touch screen for the trackpad does the same things and really does it better and you don’t end up with a screen that is covered in a million smudges either.
Google are getting better at flagging apps…
According to Techcrunch Google are getting better at flagging apps that are trying to sway the system and fake their way into the top charts by using fake installations.
I wonder if Google takes into account the number of ‘uninstalls’ made by users.  It’s amazing how many crap games get into top charts because they were downloaded and used for a minute or two before the user uninstalled it because it was truly awful.
Either way, this is at least one step closer to Google cleaning up their App Store.
Tech Republic public service announcement, delete those Android Apps you never use…
Actually this is a smart thing to do, I’d say that regardless of what OS you use regularly you should decide which app’s you are really using and delete those that you just don’t use.
For Android it is more important it seems because they are more likely, according the Jack Wallen who wrote the article because Android allows apps to be loaded from non-google sourced locations and the security may not be that great.
Either way, for every app that you have installed and never use you are taking up space that could be used for something else,  why waste your storage.
I do it regularly on my iPhone and iPad.  I may use an app and the only ones that I keep at the ones that use all the time.  There are a few that I keep and intend using but pretty soon I’ll make a decision and they will be gone.   In fact there were some that I even paid for a subscription and I ended up not renewing the subscriptions because I found that I rarely or never used them or found them to be buggy.   Even some health based app’s which were so buggy I just gave up on them.
Do yourself a favor and do regularly housekeeping, free that space for something that you might use all the time or just for more photo’s or music.
According to Sharp Executive, next year the iPhone will get OLED display…
Reported by Cult Of Mac’s Buster Hein, a loose lipped Sharp Executive blurted out this tidbit of information.
Sometimes executives don’t grasp the meaning of the word “Secrecy”,  especially if their businesse has really nothing exceptional to say to a group that they are giving a speech to.
Apple takes the flack based on an Intel chip design limitation…
According to both Appleinsider and iMore to name just two sources;
The actual reason that the 2016 MacBook Pro can’t have 32GB of ram is that the Intel processor that is used in them cannot handle 32Gb of DDR4 ram, or to be more precise it doesn’t support LPDDR4 which is the low power version of the ram.
Even if Apple had used the latest processor design Kabylake instead of Skylake the same issue would have arisen because Kabylake doesn’t support the Low Power Ram.  
So the so-called “Power Users” will have to keep on whining,  Apple chose to limit the ram and reduce the power consumption that way,  go buy a desktop or a Windows Laptop that gives one 2 hours on a charge instead.
Apple Lost it’s chime…
No link to this story, every Tom, Dick, and Harry wrote about this.
Yeah it lost it’s chime and lost it’s lit Apple Logo on the back too.  Nobody will miss it except for the whiners in the Technocracy that whine about everything.  Personally I find the chime awful and the backlit Apple logo has not benefited me, it’s annoying in a darkened room when you see that pulsing Apple logo.  It was the reason that I chose not to get a Macbook at all and use an iMac, If a feature doesn’t add anything to my experience I don’t care if it goes by the wayside.  No loss, sorry!
Amazon Screwed up and deep discounted the new 2016 Macbook…
I can’t remember where I saw this,  I thought I had saved it but didn’t but it seems that Amazon are standing by the discounted pricing but limiting to one device per customer.   It was over 25% off the correct price.    
Good for them,  there are so many that refuse to stand by their errors,  Dell will quite happily bill you in retrospect when they make an error that was in your favor.  More than once we used to find extra charges and when we questioned the charge they said that there was an error in the system and they were correcting the error.  Funnily enough when we didn’t receive all our order once they fought with us even though we had to point out that if they look at the package weight and number of packages that there was no way the system box was shipped let alone the keyboard, mouse and all the other components that had also been ordered and allegedly shipped.
Amazon, we salute you standing by the erroneous pricing to those that were not greedy assholes trying to make a quick buck out of your error.
Is Apple Music about to see a subscription price cut?
According the Chance Miller over at 9to5Mac Apple are planning or at least considering a cut in price knocking $2 a month off the price of a monthly subscription with the exception of the Studen pricing which will remain unchanged.
This could be in response to Amazon’s offering but may just be to make it far more attractive than Spotify and because it is built into the Apple Music Player by default it is relatively easy for someone to choose in preference, knowing that it will automatically work with Siri.
Again, we will have to wait and see.  Let’s just say, “Watch that Apple Space”.
Will the next iPhone get wireless charging…
According to Patently Apple there is testing underway on wireless charging units for the next generation of the iPhone.  I presume that this same charging unit would also charge the Apple Watch and a next generation of iPad too?!  If not, then it is not as attractive.  
It’s something that needs to be multifunctional, it must charge multiple devices at the same time unlike the rather clumsy system used on many Android devices where it has to be perfectly positioned or it becomes very inefficient and your device kind of cooks.  If you can just put the phone down, put the watch down and not worry where on the mat it sits and it will charge equally as fast then it becomes a useful product.
My trouble is, wireless charging does not have the speed or efficiency that sticking a cord in.  When I used it with Android devices I pretty soon started just plugging the power cord in.
Even with the Nexus 5 and it’s Google branded wireless charging platform it was hit and miss whether it actually charged and many of the 3rd party Qi charging pads had an annoying bright blue light that made it impossible to use on a bedside table, it was bright enough to keep you awake or wake you up.
For some they can put up with that type of thing but sadly for me it put me off wireless charging,  even the Apple Watch can be a pain in the ass though I charge in the evening when I have settled down to relax then sleep with it on instead.  Oh well, horses for courses and the like…
Microsoft blames Russia…
According to Bloomberg’s Dina Bass it seems Microsoft are blaming a computer hacking group from Russia of hacking Windows and hacking Flash.  
Just another reason for people to stop using Adobe Flash for content.
Google’s Android is secure as Apple’s iOS
Yeah we’ve all heard this one,  I wrote about it before.  Googles security chief basically claims that Android is as secure as iOS but the basis seems to be that it only applies if…
  1. You own a device running pure Android 
  2. You only use Googles Play Store
  3. Google has not ceased updating your device (Planned obsolescence)
  4. You install all Googles Security updates immediately
Basically if you use your device just like an iPhone then you are fine but if you dare use a 3rd party source for app’s then you are really blued, screwed and tattooed!
Enough said…
Netflix may finally…
According to the UK’s Telegraph’s Cara McGoogan it seems that Netflix are tempted to finally allow people to download while at home shows and then watch them on the go and preserve their data usage.
We’ll have to watch this and see if it pans out for those that still use the service and haven’t gotten bored with the carousel of crap they keep removing then reintroducing a few months later as totally new shows and movies.
9to5Mac did a poll about the 2016 Macbook’s USB-C ports and…
Looking the result’s of Ben Lovejoy’s app, at the time I wrote this it’s something like 10% that are seriously upset.   The majority just don’t give a shit either way about the loss of various ports and them being replaced with the USB-C Thunderbolt 3 ports.
Ten percent is a typical proportion that just don’t like change.  In fact the perfect example of whining assholes could be seen on this weeks MacBreak Weekly where four out of the five on the panel were whining grieviously and lamenting the keyboard, the trackpad, the loss of the various ports and every other little change that was made.  
They would have needed all the cheese in Wisconsin for all the whine they made!
Amazon’s profits are based on their own label products…
According to TechCrunch’s Sarah Perez it looks like Amazon are doing great by making their own brand products cheaper and as good or better than branded in the markets where people don’t have brand loyalty.
In fact this story actually tempted me to buy AA size batteries from them for the first time because I go through several sets a week, mostly in a terrible Blink at Home web camera that uses two every few days without fail but enough about a terrible product from a company with terrible customer service and focus back on Amazon.
I’ll wait and see if the Amazon batteries are as good as Duracell etc.
Apple Rolling out Single Sign On for TV provider App’s
Yeah, it stands to reason that this would happen as they get ready to roll out their app that consolidates and simplifies viewing of TV.   Again, no need to link a story for those too lazy to do the footwork themselves.
Nothing major except that for those that are not cord cutters then is perfect for them to allow a simplified way only needing to sign into your cable provider once for all the various TV provider app’s.  
Not so much Tech but hey, CNET include this type of product in their blogs…
While Samsung has been going through the woes of a huge Smartphone recall due to exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s this has been kind of hidden,  They now have to deal with a recall of some of their washing machines because the top may come detached causing physical damage.   Essentially, as the first report of this issue described it, “It looks as if the machine explodes” though it is just the top becoming detached and getting thrown around doing the damage.
Apple may only have a tiny share of the market but…
They still have 103.6% of smartphone industry profits.  Hmm, how do they get to that figure?  Ah, it’s because of the Samsung Recall.  I guess there is logic in that but either way, they prove you don’t need 90% of the market to make most of the profit within that market leaving others for the scraps.
They Whined, Apple Listened, they discounted dongles…

Yeah, enough whining assholes in Tech Journalism masquerading as “Professional users” had their little tantrums and what’d’ya know?! Apple discounted all the dongles that MacBook Pro buyers would purchase.  Give me strength, these moron’s have money coming out of their butt cracks and write the purchase off as a business expense.   Sure it helps those that are buying out their own pocket and not writing them off but otherwise it really is assholes that sit on their podcast’s whining and griping then telling people that he has to purchase one because “It’s My Job to buy these” as opposed to buying just so he can say he has one.  

So when they say Apple doesn’t listen to the Moaning Minnies and Whining Willies just remind them that they were the ones whining about all the dongles.  Funny though,  they say all the dongles but if it was a full size USB connector there would still be a freaking wire sticking out where they plugged something in to the Mac, the f**king moron’s.

And this completes my warped perspective on some of those tech stories that has slipped by us all and some of those that everyone couldn’t help but hear about.