Will the Samsung Galaxy S8 win back favor with the public?

Just when Samsung thought they had reversed the decline in sales with the Galaxy S7 they were dealt a blow with the exploding Galaxy Note 7’s and suddenly the Galaxy product line has a bad taste in the mouth of the public.  It’s easy to confuse the two products if you are not totally aware of the whole fiasco and some have become confused and shied a from the Samsung Brand.

Are the rumors correct that they are working on their own Artificial Intelligence system for the Galaxy S8, this really does add emphasis that Google have no intentions of the Google Assistant getting on non Pixel devices and if other insider information is correct they are ready to move to their new OS, reverse compatible Andromeda on all Pixel devices and leave Android for the ‘other’ device manufacturers to maintain choosing to go down the Apple path slowly diverging until they can create their very own walled garden with locked in app’s and features.
Will an AI assistant on the up and coming this Spring Galaxy S8 be a “redeeming feature” or will it be just another app that people just wish they could delete and what other features will they introduce.
One thing we can bet is they will look earnestly at introducing a slightly bulkier device with a removable battery in an attempt to make buyers feel safe.
I for one would prefer our devices to have that option of a removable battery in all phones.  I don’t mind them being ‘lighter’ but I prefer the phone to be a little more on the plump side.  In fact my iPhone has a case on, not to protect the phone itself but to make it feel better in my hand, without it the phone is just a little too slim, it’s positively annorexic.