Apples DongleGate, More Cheese with their Whine!

If You’re like me you have grown weary of always hearing any controversy having gate attached to it but I just couldn’t help it in this case.

I kept fairly quiet about my personal opinion of Apples transition to USB-C on the MacBook Pro laptops because to be honest I don’t think it’s really that much of a deal in real terms.

Apple aren’t the only company making the transition to USB-C, many mobile phone makers have made that transition and many of the newer Windows laptops and Chromebook and new ones coming out are transitioning to it albeit they include at least one older USB and a slew of other pointless ports.

There are a lot of so-called power users, mostly it’s really just opinionated tech journalists griping and whining and terrified of change, they did the same when Apple dropped FireWire, they did the same when Apple dropped the floppy drive, they wailed when Apple dropped the CD-DVD drive, and they did it when the iPhone went from 30 pin connector to the Lightning connector and they did it when the iPhone lost the 3.5mm headphone jack.  In fact over the years there has been so much whine that we’ve run out of cheese for them.

They complain about needing a dongle for this, a dongle for that and the biggest complaint has been that there will be dongles hanging out of the Mac and it will look like a spider but this flies in the face of their co-complaint about needing dongles!

Why? I hear you ask!  Well you see if they need dongles they they were already plugging wires in to previous models of the MacBook Pro and ergo it looked like a freaking spider anyway!

Now if they were smart they would embrace a USB-C to a hub that does USB 3.0 standard connectors and plug all their devices into that one hub and give themselves a single lead to connect to their Macbook.

Similarly, they lament the loss of the magnetic power connector the “MagSafe Connector” saying that it makes it more likely that their “precious” will get damaged because someone might trip over the power lead.

I don’t want to piss on their party but why don’t they just plug into a power lead that does not get in the way so that someone trips over it.  Lots of people with Windows devices have never suffered the total demise of their Laptops because some idiot trips over the wire and they never had MagSafe, in fact I would say that a good 90% of MacBook Pro users and laptop users sit them on a table, they never take them anywhere and keep the wire out of the way.  

I had Windows Laptops for years and never tripped over the cable because even when I travelled I plugged them into locations that were not “in the way” of people that could trip over the flex.  It’s called being smart.  You want to slap these idiots and tell them to grow the bleep up and get over it.

So yeah Apple went all out, the quickest way to get people to adopt a standard connector is to make it the only connector on your devices,  I’m surprised they didn’t go USB-C on the iPhone though another change of connector may have been too much for iPhone users that had switched over to Lightning just a few years ago.

We have to be honest and only an idiot can say they were surprised or shocked or stunned by the switch to USB-C connectors after all the MacBook in 2015 was introduced with only a single connector, the USB-C connector and it only had a single solitary one, Apple really gave four times that and each one can be used to charge the MacBook Pro, it’s four times the value.

Apple even made a concession to the whining and discounted many of their dongles and adapters but then the whining just goes on and on.  The Energizer Bunny is jealous of them.