Ireland lodges Appeal with EU over the EU enforced tax Bill

As expected Eire has made a formal appeal against the EU Tax bill that was thrust upon Apple on behalf of Eire because the EU commission feel that Apple has not been paying enough tax.

Regardless of how we feel about the moving of income from location to the location to reduce a companies tax burden, something both Facebook and Google are far more blatant at paying almost nothing anywhere we have to admit that the companies are just doing what they are expected to do, pay the minimum they legally have to without breaking any tax law.

Ireland have made it clear that they were happy with how much Apple paid in taxes and it is only the EU that seems to have this bee in it’s bonnet over Apple and how much it paid in taxes to the Ireland and it is significant that Eire are making the appeal as opposed to Apple filing an appeal.

I guess this will be another long running soap opera that the European Union has become known for but then what do you expect when Europe has turned into a hotbed of corruption and bureaucratic bullshit and thuggery.