A Change to how iOS 10.2 handles the Camera settings may irritate you, how to preserve last used settings…

Something that has slipped under the radar and for most they will not notice is that some of the settings on your iPhone’s camera app that previously were always preserved will under iOS 10.2 no longer be preserved and reset to a default of being switched on.

Things like Live Photo’s that you could turn off and it remained off will suddenly be switched on and for some it is a nuisance to remember to switch off.

All is not lost though, Apple added a settings menu that allows you to decide which settings are preserved, especially if like me you take a lot of photo’s of very still items that are not going to be dancing or moving, you may not want to waste space on your phone with the larger file size of live photo’s.

If you go into the settings utility and then select the Photo’s & Camera option, at first sight the settings appears to be as normal until you scroll down and a new option has appeared called “Preserve Settings”


Selecting this option brings up a further selection of settings

You can toggle the settings on an off, for me I don’t care about filters, I never use them but I do switch off Live photo’s so by switching this to on it preserves, again, the OFF selection that I always had and just for convenience, if I am taking a video I tend to plan to take another video and so I toggled this option to ON too so that it would not reset to taking a photograph if I went back in.
Sure it’s going to be a bit of a hassle at first, in fact I was going to, in a rather irritated manner send in a bug report before I thought about looking inside the settings and found this new option.
I was surprised that they would make such a change because the settings had always been preserved before, could they possibly be storing the settings in backups so that they are retained if you purchase a new device? Who knows, oh yeah Apple knows, shame they don’t tell people.

At least this way others can benefit from my irritation, I know I am not the only one that doesn’t care about Live photo’s or the extra processing time or storage it uses and switches it off and just others knowing it is possible to preserve the switched off state for live photo’s by toggling a switch in the settings to retain that same functionality that was default on the camera app before iOS 10.2 was sent out to beta.