Google shutting down their map editing tool…

Seemingling, according to The Verge, the tool that allowed anyone to edit Google Map data is being shut down.

All is not lost though, while the tool will be shut down the editing and suggestions will be migrated into the Google Maps app itself as part of the Local Guides Program which rewards people for policing and improving local map data.

Equally though, will it reward the idiots that deliberately give false data because of personal paranoia that they will be watched. I know of one moron that managed to get a change put in that relocated their address on maps to several miles in the opposite direction leaving a relative lost and confused. The moron then boasted about how easy it was to.

In fact Google’s maps have gotten worse as the years have gone by, it doesn’t take much for two or three people to mess with the maps and for it to go through without notice, according the said moron previously mentioned.

I for one prefer to think that the maps might start to actually improve but hey, I stopped using a long time ago when Apple’s maps ended up being as accurate or more accurate.

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