Munich Germany gives up on Open Source…

While people like Tech Pundit Leo Laporte praises open source as being the way to go it turns out it is not as easy for large entities like the City of Munich in Germany to go the open source way.
After trying it they have reversed their decision and are spending more money switching back to using Windows and Windows based applications.
Open Source is still not mature enough for anyone but the enthusiast and difficult to support, hardware costs don’t give a saving either.   
For a small business it may be useful but for others it is just too hard.
I tried using Linux and open source software for my business and it was just too difficult to do, it was not reliable, I switched back to Windows in the short term and then switched to using Mac’s And OS-X/macOS and it has turned out to be the most reliable and economical route for us. I can update a spreadsheet on the go on a phone or iPad and it translates across them all. Admittedly before the latest update of macOS it was hit and miss, I had to make sure if I was out of the office that my spreadsheets were all closed or it would confuse the heck of Apple’s productivity apps, thankfully the beta syncing operates perfectly and has had no issues and allows me to go from device to device almost seamlessly.
I can totally understand Munich’s choice of returning to Windows, if it worked for them before then it is what they knew worked and they will get over their mistake and one day in the future open source may become truly viable.
Good luck to them.