Google doesn’t understand that their Anti-trust case is special

Google’s argument against the accusation of “Anti-trust” in regards to the Android Operating system got even more desperate yesterday when they started, like a child caught doing something wrong in the schoolyard, pointing the finger at Apple and Microsoft saying they were much worse.

The difference though between Googles case for app’s forced onto the consumer and Apple’s or Microsoft’s is that they are, in comparison, closed systems.  Apple’s is totally closed, you don’t find it on any other devices except for Apples, just like Blackberry’s before them avoided the issue by it being a closed OS that no other device maker had access to.

Android on the other hand is, in Google’s own words, “Open” and therefore their their App’s should come as an option.  Instead to use Android OS you have to create a Google Log-in,  right off the bat that means that Google’s “Open” is more like Openish.  A person on an open platform should not require a log in.

Apple are a special case, they have a totally closed OS, they use a walled garden and all app’s go through Apple.  When you purchase an Apple device you know you are purchasing a device that will be locked into the Apple Ecosystem.  They don’t put pressure on 3rd parties to install any app’s etc.

In fact the whole point of the Antitrust case is that Android is open, it comes with it’s own browser and there is no need to have Google’s Chrome Browser, Gmail or any other app’s installed on those devices at time of purchase, 99.9% of which have been manufactured and designed by companies that have no other ties to Google aside from the Chrome Browser.  

This pressure by Google on manufacturers to have the Google Play store installed by default is because most people stick to the browser that comes with the product they buy.  It is made worse because there are more than one App Store that carries app’s that run on Android.  Amazon have one, there are two or three others out there. 

Google should and very likely will turn Android totally loose giving security updates but leaving it to the manufacturers to solely add incremental features to the Android OS and focus on turning the Andromeda OS into a walled in Garden just like Apple’s iOS that they focus on and keep solely for their own products under the Google Pixel Branding.

Google made this anti-trust case possible in Europe not anyone else and pointing the finger at Apple, Microsoft, or any other company that has it’s own OS for devices is just making them look even more guilty.