Is Unlimited Data service something that should be a thing of the past?

For the longest time we have had Internet Service providers that have given us an all you can eat buffet of data and depending on the speed of the data on the plan that we could afford our data is prioritized accordingly.
Is it not about time that we started treating data as a consumable, we purchase Gasoline on the basis of what we need, the same for other products, we only pay for the Electricity we use, the natural gas we consume and therefore should we all get the same speed of internet and pay for the amount of data we consume?
Can the Cable companies continue to provide the infrastructure and maintain it with less TV customers and many people signing up for internet and consuming through the internet.  Comcast already has a cap on the amount of data that you can use before they start charging you overages but they also sell the internet at various speeds (prioritizing data – which is kind of not net neutral, those that pay for faster speed get their data faster and so their data is not treated equally).  Should we not all get data at the fastest speed possible but pay for the amount of data we use.
There are many countries where they make you pay for the data you consume and maybe it’s time for the United States to do that too.