Tech Was The Week That Was ending Nov 13 2016, Samsung Explodes again!

A big thank you to Apple whose Apple News app on the iPad has made linking so much easier in most cases for us than using website links when we find the same story on there we will now use those links instead.

Samsung Explodes Again…

While Samsung are working to get the final stragglers that own the Galaxy Note 7 to hand them back, going to extreme measures including continual notices and extremely reduced maximum charge to make them a real pain in the backside to use According to reports in via the Assocated Press & the SFGate another model of Smartphone the Samsung Galaxy J5 caught fire in Paris France.

…And Samsung Apologizes for the Note 7 Recall…

Samsung has run a full page advertisement Apology over their handling of the Galaxy Note 7 Recall. The Ads showing in three US News Papers, the WSJ, the NYT & WaPo. It’s possibly a case of too little too late for many owners.
Many are now too scared of Samsung’s growing reputation for unsafe products, they have gone from a company many trusted to one that has rushed products to market. The Galaxy Note 7 was flawed by too big a battery crammed into too small a space in the phone in the vain attempt to get an ever slimmer device. Maybe all manufacturers have learned an important lesson that we don’t all want super slim devices, maybe Apple will learn this too.

Buyer Beware or should be it Apple Beware?!…

The New York Times and other outlets reported that hundreds of app’s (their words, possibly just several) pretending to be Retailers have been discovered on the Apple App Store, I am sure that once Apple is aware of this, and sure they are by now, that these fake app’s will be taken down. They are either selling fake products or using the app’s to steal people’s information, either way, make sure that the app’s you use for online purchasing and download and install are those that belong to the company whose merchandise is advertised and no some fly by night village from the outer reaches of Russia, India or China etc using the app to steal your information.
In fact if you own an Android device be doubly aware because we can be assured that if they are slipping past Apple then they are doing the same on all platforms from Android to Windows etc.

As Apple’s iAD’s turns to dust NBCU get deal to be the Advertising manager of choice on Apple News…

Apple finally gave up on it’s own advertising platform, realistically it was not ever going to do well, it operated on a closed system and could never source information from elsewhere on the internet about the person’s usage to tailor advertising without it looking hypocritical of Apple to tout “privacy” in one breath while having an advertising scheme in the other and really iAD’s could only snoop on a person’s activity within the Apple system and maintain even a glimmer of privacy, looking outside of the Apple’s app’s for usage would have been total hypocrisy. Anyway it’s gone and NBC Universal have made a deal to do the advertising on Apples News App.

Apple hires more music orientated Talent from Bankrupt Omnifone

Apple made a purchase of technology and employee’s from the bankrupt music service Omnifone according to Apple Insider. Will it improve the Apple Music system in the future or was it just to stop someone else getting it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

Apple enhances security on iTunes Backups with the iOS 10.2 beta…

Something to look forward to is that after closing the security vulnerability in the iTunes backup that arrived with iOS 10.0 when they updated to 10.1 we have been blessed with the pending arrival of much improved security when iOS 10.2 arrives, you can get it if you are a Beta Tester but it is likely that this update will come to those not tempted to download from Apple’s beta test system soon

Will Samsung’s reputation be saved on the Galaxy S8 models by AI Assistant?

This is the question, will the AI assistant VIV from those that created SIRI become the savior of the Samsung’s tarnished reputation and get people buying Samsung devices en-mass again. We will have to wait and see.

Are Facebook going to go into the Job hunting market?

Stories came to light according the TNW that Facebook are testing their copy of LinkIn functionality to help people find a job. Serious Mark Zuckerberg, you copy features from everyone else, be original for a change…

iPhone and iPad performance is catching up to that of the Mac…

One of the first posts I made when I restarted blogging was about this very subject about how soon it may be ARM based chips in the Mac’s rather than Intel’s and even suggested that they would start with an ARM coprocessor.
Birchtree wrote a blog about this same subject, again I am strongly of the opinion that it’s Apple’s intention to drop Intel processors whom have peaked (I wrote about this last week and my feeling about Intel struggling to get better performance from their processors) and the days big instruction set chips is maybe over and lower powered more efficient Reduced Instruction Set Chips will, as Acorn Computers and Apple predicted when they formed ARM decades ago.
Especially when you consider that the iPad and iPhone chips are really dual core processors, even the latest with four cores only use two high powered or two low powered at any time we can only only imagine how fast they would be with four or six cores of high power and two or four cores of low power processors. Again we will have to wait and see what Apple do. Oh and Rene Ritchie, Apples macOS on ARM is not going to be touch based it’s going to be more like the current macOS.

Google wants to backdoor older versions of Android…

Yes, in a desperate attempt to refresh those older versions of Android that are not supported anymore or carriers and manufacturers have shit upon Google are planning to creating extensions that backdoor themselves into Android without requiring a huge update according Ars Technica.

Did Microsoft cancel it’s streaming media box?
Rumors abound that Microsoft was going to launch a streaming media box called the XBOX TV but have cancelled the product. It would be a smart move at this time, let’s face it, the market is pretty saturated and it’s not exactly a profitable market, unless you are working on a thin margin like the Chromecast, Roku Dongle or Amazon Fire TV Dongle then you really are going to struggle.
Maybe they will create a different device that would be a no-brainer product that you would buy but I doubt it.

In Spite of Angry Journalists complaining about Dongles and whining like children the MacBook Pro is selling well

Apple has upped component orders for the MacBook Pro laptop range in spite of the whining and complaining of so called Professional users (mostly shit eating journalists) who complained about every little change that was made.

In fact further to this, Fast Company reports the Apple’s latest 2016 MacBook Pro is outselling rival Laptops running other operating systems.

Google’s Machine Learning Is Destined to Disappoint

Robert Perez on his own blog Perezonomics suggests, and we are very much in agreement with him, that the age of a truly intelligent Digital Assistant may never come.

While Robert suggest NEVER, we believe that it will just not be as good as you or me or anyone else would really like.  It will never be the ‘end all’ product but it will be a useful aid to organization.

If we could truly have a digital assistant all I want from one is the ability for it to remind me while I am doing a task to not forget the parts that I regularly forget for example bread making, yeah I make my own bread, where I have on multiple occasions forgotten the oil or the salt and cheated and kneaded it in as an afterthought.

Will Apple’s Airpods enter production mid December?

Well iClarified and other sites seem to think in that typical chinese whispers.

We suspect that, since Apple were purely holding off on the release to give the Beats branded products a chance to gain sales before Apple launches it cheaper product.  Apple knows they will get sales of their product without worrying about it while Beats needs to compete against Apple and a myriad of rival products that are coming to the market as the world transitions to wireless headphones.

and with that, we will call it a week,  sure it’s not as detailed but we have just transitioned across from Google’s blogging platform and it’s taking us a while to get used to wordpress.  Hopefully next week will be back on track and please forgive any formatting errors, if we keep having problems we will return to Blogger’s platform but we have to give this a fair chamce while we try to decide which will be the best base for us.   As usual expect our mix of insane opinions on tech and other subjects during the week.  Thank you to my two followers.