Why California Secession would be a bad thing for the Democratic Party and a Great thing for the GOP

While Seceding from the Union for California would really make very little difference to the people of California, in fact the state as a separate country would possibly reap more money from taxation than it does as a member state of the USA.

The one thing that it would be bad for is Democratic Party.  Removing 55 votes from the Electoral College that is for the most part always a Democratic block vote of 55 would almost certainly guarantee that every election would be won by the Republican Party, essentially making it a one Party County.

The other things to remember is that militarily California will be in a situation where it will be without Armed Forces, they can hardly co-opt any military located in California and hardly demand military hardware. Nice as it may be it is something that just won’t happen, a Republican Government may be happy to eradicate those 55 electoral college votes but they are not going to do any favors, could California end up with a huge military spending debt or will they announce themselves as being a “Neutral Country” in the same way that Switzerland is with a token force of Navy, Airforce and Military for internal peacekeeping or for rescue needs or policing the borders?

I personally am against CALEXIT, simply because the spurring action has been this lost election and as a backlash against the electing of Donald Trump as our next President.   Would it be unfair for Republican voters in California to be separated from the rest of the USA regardless of how they vote by a majority of people that are angry at something that their Republican vote never had a bearing on.

Would the separation of California from the rest of the United States of America be no different from the families in North Korea that were forcibly separate from family in South Korea purely because they happened to live above the 52 parallel?  After all, California would have to issue Citizenship papers and people living in California would lose their right to travel to the USA and borders would be put up.

If California was to secede, would there be a free travel agreement with the rest of the USA, after all, there are many that live in Oregon, Nevada and Arizona whom all travel and I’m sure the transit is in both directions with commutes between the two.

I’m sure that as a separate country California could focus on Solar Energy, with Elon Musk’s solar investment and Battery Bank technology it would make California potentially able to reduce their Fossil fuel consumption and extra oil could be imported direct to the State though the production the state has remaining would likely, with a focus on more electric vehicles and charging stations alongside public transport, become less of a dependency.   Most of California is lucky enough to live where we receive enough strong sunlight even in winter months to at least massively reduce dependency over time.

So while California would basically be all fine, with a strong economy that can support it as an Independant country the real loser would be the Democrats in the rest of the USA that would lose any chance of there being another Democrat President,  that would be unforgivable but again something that everyone would have to live with or in this case live without.

I will always remain a proponent of Proportional Representation of the Electoral College where the block vote is split between the top two on a proportional basis giving a fairer distribution representative of voters and means that those in a minority party when it comes to the big two parties would still have a voice and means that there is a bigger likelihood that those that don’t bother voting would vote where their vote would actually count for something in their state, not just states like California but states where they are always a GOP help state during presidential elections.  Wouldn’t a push towards something like this where each state has it’s own popular vote represented in the college representing both parties.  It would show a far narrower win in the Electoral College but would be far fairer for all in all states without huge states with a big base of either Democrat or Republican drowning out the voices of those states with smaller populations.

Anyway, enough politics,  two posts is more than enough for a lifetime for me.