Audio Volume in Online Advertising

It is possibly one of the most annoying things!

you are watching streamed media that has advertising, for example this morning I was watching the streamed CBS show “Elementary” this morning and every Google Advertisement that was streamed was the at the most horrendous volume compared to the actual show.

It is not an isolated issue either.

I hate to admit, I stream almost all my TV viewing through my Apple TV.  CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, YOUTUBE, DAILYMOTION all get viewed on on the big screen using the Apple TV. This issue is a growing nuisance and playing the dance, turning the volume all the way down for the advertising just so that it ‘matches’ the actual video’s volume.  I had my TV turned all the way down to 15 which is pretty darn low volume on my TV, an Advertiment for the Google Pixel came on and nearly blew my ear drums.  I turned the volume down to 5 which got the volume of the advertising to that of the show, then I had to turn the volume back up.

Out of Curiority I held the volume at the normal audio level that is comfortable to me on my TV for the next advertisement batch, then turned the volume up to match the advertising when the show came back on.  I had to turn to the volume to 28 on the TV to match the blasting volume of the Google Advertisement that was played.

It’s not all advertisers though.

What is interesting is that this dance of the volume has to take place in the advertising too.  For example Disney’s advertising doesn’t blast your ear drums, POM’s either, Sleep number doesn’t either.

CBS’s own show advertising is louder too while on other platforms this issue is even worst especially the Google Owned Youtube platform.  If I was using headphones and phone I would possibly suffer hearing damage from this sudden increase in volume it’s so bad.

I remember TV & Cable channels getting into trouble for this same problem

Back in 2011 ABC NEWS actually reported that the F.C.C. was finally putting an end to this age old complaint of hiking the volume on advertising.  Seems that this issue is back and Google are a leading proponent, whether they are deliberately doing it or turning a blind eye to advertising producers & companies doing it Streamed TV & Video Advertising should be held to the same requirements that TV advertising is held to.