Microsoft back into the Anti-Trust Quagmire…

Oh dear what can the matter be…

Poor Microsoft, they just can’t win.  Russian Antitrust authorities are now investigating Microsoft for Antitrust issues.

This revolves around a complaint by Kaspersky Antivirus that Microsoft leverages it’s power and including by default their own Antivirus software in Windows to push out third party Anti-virus providers such as that by Kaspersky Labs.  While Microsoft don’t have the anti-virus, Windows Defender, turned on by default they do include it as a built in system application and they regularly pressure the user to turn it on.

But is this just Kaspersky being sore that Microsoft now include Antivirus solutions?

While I don’t care much for Windows and it’s biggest issue is that it is a cesspool of spyware and viruses and is a horrible OS, purely my opinion.

For all the years that I used Windows, after I was dragged kicking and screaming from using PCDOS/MSDOS and a command line one of the first things that we found added in by the device maker or the retailer was a free year of one of the Anti-virus, either McAfee or Norton and you usually used that for the year then ended up paying for the annual subscription or just forgot all about it until one of them included a bad update,  in fact these were a nightmare to remove, they were a nightmare.

So when Kaspersky Lab’s complain about Microsoft’s own anti-virus is it any different from the forced upon us, by some clandestine deal between device maker and a company such as Kaspersky Labs, antivirus software that we used to contend with.

What do we think will be the outcome of this investigation?

It may be too early to make a guess but I suspect that this could be one of those cases where the Russian Federal Automonopoly Service may just find in the favor of Kaspersky Labs to protect the interests of a Russian business.

Personally I don’t trust the Anti-virus companies any more than I trust politicians.  What is the possibility that they, allegedly, find these viruses because, allegedly, they are the ones creating them.  Nothing better than creating the fear that promotes your business model itself.

I wouldn’t stop using antivirus on a PC using the Windows OS though but I also wouldn’t trust a company that happens to whine like a “Social Justice Warror that doesn’t get their way” and would possibly use the one the provided by Microsoft because these 3rd party solutions tend to be as filled with spyware as the spyware and viruses they claim to eradicate.