Amazon’s “Apple Backlash” as they sue vendors selling fakes!

Apple sues Amazon, Amazon sues Vendors, customers win!

A few weeks ago Apple sued Amazon over one of their vendors whom Amazon did the fulfillment for selling fake Apple products.  That vendor was immediately dumped by Amazon and their product handed over to Apple for destruction.

Today Amazon went on the offensive, not with Apple, they were caught bang to rights, and  you can hardly claim the “didn’t know” when customer reviews all complained of the very issue and I’m sure that many that bought the product placed complaints to Apple about so called “genuine Apple products being crap”.  Rather than trying to counter-sue Apple which we know would be a pointless act they went after vendors and started filing suits against vendors that they’ve had complaints that the products are fakes.

So why do customers win?

Quite simply the customers are the winners because the more vendors that are taken out of the system that sell fakes that are blatantly advertised as being genuine products riding on the brand the better quality products we do receive.  Especially when we are purchasing electronic components.  There is nothing worse than buying something like a charger that then fails, worse still when it blasts your device with mains electricity at 120 or 240 volts AC and you device then turns into a charged stinking lump and possibly burns you home down.  Even at a lesser level when you purchase a product that is supposed to be a brand named running shoe and it turns out to be a fake, maybe a good fake but a fake all the same that falls apart within hours or days.

Amazon is not the only company that has been coerced into eradicating fakes

Amazon may be an online retailer but it is not the only company that has come under scrutiny for fakes being sold.  Online eBay had a similar issue and they took a heavy handed approach allowing the companies whose products were being copied and sold online by allowing those companies to do the policing.  In this case a great number of genuine items are removed and many feel that those companies have utilized the copyright fraud protection system to stop people from buying genuine ‘used’ products and driving sales to them to purchase new.

Another affected in the past couple of years has been R.G.Canning Attractions that operates fleamarkets in Southern California whom came under the scrutiny of Louis Vuitton brand owner LVMH holdings who now polices their fleamarkets such as the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena California for these fake products for the Louis Vuitton branded purses and clothing etc and actively prosecuting offending vendors with the aid of the flea market operator who will banish vendors that have been reported for selling fake Louis Vuitton products.  It makes you wonder how long before other brands start this.

Again though in these cases it does help customers in the long run where it reduces the chance of receiving cheap junk and sometimes paying a premium for it.