Facebook won the Election for Trump

Donald Trump was smart, very smart!

This may get me chastised by many but it is a very smart man that utilizes social media to pull in voters and convert them than waste money on advertising. He utilized Facebook and while Facebook itself didn’t participate, heck it was blamed for fake news and anti-Trump biasing, it made a great platform for fund raising and Facebook, according to the trump campaign was responsible for the bulk of the fund raising.

It is important to remember that regardless of our political leanings we have to admire anyone that can run a campaign and win against the odds.  He really raised funds on the sly using methods that others wouldn’t use and utilized social media to the extreme in the process.

Most of what he was doing could be called, in hindsight taking into account some of the back tracking he has done in the past few days with reversals of his statements, grandstanding.  He knows how to manipulate people and while many people say he is not a politician he knew how to make blunt statements that were totally unexpected but were designed to impart that tiny seed of doubt about Hillary Clinton.

All you need to do is create the smoke and people will find the fire, even if that fire is not actually there and Donald Trump during the campaign was exceptional at doing so.  Let’s face it, he really learned much of this from Hillary’s failed Presidential nominational campaign in 2008 where she utilized or allowed another’s to utilize the creating of smoke and letting others create a fire to go along with that smoke allowing her to stay ‘clean’.  Many still believe her campaign created the seed that grew into the Barack Obama Birther movement but this has been refuted by many because it was started by one of her supporters, allegedly.

I may not agree with everything that Donald Trump said, I may not agree with everything that any politician says, personally I think they are all narcissistic assholes promoting their own personal agendas while claiming to do it for ‘the people’ and some may claim that the campaign was vicious or dirty but really it wasn’t any worse than any other campaign.  I didn’t weep for Hillary’s failure, I didn’t have a happy dance for Donald’s success, I just, as everyone else should, get on with life and let the politicians get on with making a mess of the country like they have Since before April 19th 1775.

All I know is that I am busy trying to batten down the hatches as the tidal wave of economic collapse that is starting to affect China and has been simmering for several years in the rest of the Western World builds.  If you want an indicator of how bad things are, Long Beach docks are reducing employment levels and business has been slow all year for inward and outward traffic.  It’s in the tea leaves and regardless of who would have been elected the economic collapse is on the cards…