Why we need to hear and see all points of view

Some of us choose to reside in our own personal echo chamber only wanting to hear the points of view of those that have the same point of view on every subject and we strive to eliminate the chance of hearing something that we just don’t accept personally.

The trouble with doing that and residing in that echo chamber is that you exist in a false reality.  I personally have people that are regressive, progressive, liberal, right of left and left of right, conservative and also alt-right as followers and that I follow just so that I have a view of every point.  It gives balance and without argument there is not any ‘semblance to Democracy.

Democracy after all is based on the argument of multiple points of view.  The same ones that use the argument that Obama took away their democracy or argue that Trump will take away their right to democracy are the very same ones that want to deny debate and converse for others and strive to deny themselves of alternative views.

Similarly I will watch youtube video from those striving for egalitarianism, those that are blatantly conservative and those that merely want to call out the hypocrisy of others.

All those various opinions are ones may just open my eyes to something that I previously would not have agreed with.  I don’t want to live in a box closed away from others, I want to experience what others are saying and I think that people that choose to deny themselves the experience of alternative views are their own worst enemy.  It is hiding from the world and doing it in the worst way and then when something happens that is unexpected by them they can’t handle it.  If I see one more video of a SJW screeching and crying because their favored candidate failed to win the election and can’t handle the fact and live in that little boxed in space that has stunned them.

As a liberal myself I was not surprised by the election of Donald Trump, anyone that chose view the big picture knew it was highly likely.  I chose to ignore the pollsters, they’ve always sucked donkey dick, I chose to ignore exit polls, people lie, yes they lie, so many feel that they make suffer intimidation by others for saying how they voted that they lied.  This is not a new phenomena it happens at every election in every country that uses exit polls.  I remember in the UK the number of times that exit polls were way off because people didn’t want to say what their private decision was in the voting booth.

I went to bed, woke up to the news that Donald Trump was President-Elect and got with life.