Your Android Smartphone may be spying on you…

BLU Smartphones send data home to it’s Chinese maker

Yes, at least one Chinese phone maker has a modified version of Android that sends details of your activity back to them without you being able to turn it off and without them telling you it is happening.

Literally BLU branded phones have been discovered to have been sending data about its users back to them.  What they use it for is suspicious in itself but nothing that Google and Facebook don’t already do.

Will the Android Apologists talk about this whole issue?

This is doubtful especially with the likes of Professor Jeff Jarvis, Google Apologist in Chief, and others like him.   We’ve seen him protest and defend acts of blatant data siphoning by Google of information that they really have no right to.

Fellow panel member on show This Week In Google on the TWiT.TV network Leo Laporte has previously seen this siphoning of data by Google as being “Your payment for those FREE GOOGLE SERVICES”, unfortunately, if they are payment then those services aren’t free and in fact those services are just another method of sucking more data.

I used to be happy to create and store personal documents on Google’s Docs web application only to discover that the contents of personal document even when it is password protected and supposedly encrypted were used to provide advertising data using keywords that were specific to that particular document.  I hadn’t used that particular subject matter within any other part of the system and purely within that one document.  This was after Google had said they didn’t go through these documents.  I deleted all data and switched to Apple and will happily pay for the data space that I as a person use in the Cloud.

How many other Android devices are sucking personal data and sending it back to the manufacturer?

Who knows, what I do know is that if you value your personal information then Android may not be the operating system that is for you.  While Google’s security Chief makes a claim that Android is Secure and Safe we must take the stand that it is only as secure and safe as the particular Manufacturer desires it to be and the OS itself may be the biggest form of spyware on the device itself.

It’s all well and good collecting usage data but they need to be open about that collection.  I wouldn’t trust the Android OS personally or any of the apps on it and won’t trust it’s upcoming replacement Andromeda OS either.