Apple’s Router division goes but is the Apple branded second display gone forever too?

Apple’s Router Division has been axed, what does this mean?

We can take from this, like with standalone displays the end has come for products like routers made by Apple.

In fact we can expect other similar products that are purely auxiliary to the experience are destined to annals of Apple History.

We have to be honest, how many of us still use Apple Routers?  I use an ASUS router which allows an external hard drive to be used as a back up device just like the Apple AirPort Extreme, the advantage being that it has better range and features.  Sure it’s not as easy to set up at first but it does the same thing and you don’t notice it.

Routers, just like displays are low volume products, the cost of developing new routers and maintain the whole division is higher than the return and as a business, any business, it is sometimes better focus on money making products and stop supporting those that don’t bring in a return.

The router products are not going to make huge sales, let’s face it many owners of iPhones, iPads and Macs use the router that their cable company provides and never worry about having a third party product and certainly wouldn’t be willing to purchase an Apple router just because it is an Apple product.

Is the Apple Display gone forever?

While others have resigned themselves to the end of the Apple Display I suspect that the real reason for it vanishing and no mention is nothing more than the need to avoid people seeing a huge design change that is derived from the design of the next iteration of the iMac.

I believe that there is a huge design change in the next iMac and Apple cannot launch the next iteration of the Apple display without revealing design changes that are reflected in the Apple display’s styling.

After all it is a low volume sales product and Apple can afford to lose sales until the iMac is launched when they can launch the display at the same time.   If they don’t launch a display alongside the next iteration of the iMac then we can assume that Apple has decided to turn its back on these low volume products such as the Display and Router.