Isn’t it time for the Democrat Party to analysis what THEY did wrong instead of pointing the finger all around them?

Surely it is time for a post-mortem on the failure of the DNC.

While the DNC and Democrats are busy after more than 10 days of continuous finger pointing and blaming the world around them rather than looking inwards.

Even the Republican Party stopped to look at what went wrong back in 2012 after a failed campaign in 2008 followed by a 2012 defeat.  They realized that they had failed, no blatantly ignored, all the mistakes and had repeated them a second time over, it’s not shampoo, no need to repeat and yet they did.  In fact in 2008 they did exactly what Democrats did, they blamed everyone but refused to look in the mirror and take the blame for ‘fucking it up’.  In 2012 they knew that the buck stopped with them, that they, themselves had to accept there was a lot to blame with themselves and they needed to find out what was wrong and try and learn from that mistake.

The blame seems to be everything else but them.

To still be blaming everything else, they’ve blamed fake news for crying out loud, are they saying that people suddenly started believing fake headlines for the term of the election? Seems so.

Why aren’t they blaming the totally wrong polls, or did they know that the basis for the polls was biased and took a biased selection base.  Kind of like a Bernie supporter or a Hillary supporter on Twitter asking their followers in their “Echo Chamber” the question “Who are you going to vote for”?  It’s going to give the result that they desired.  So surely that should be the first port of call for the blame.

Right now the Democratic Party and their supporters are still blaming everyone else, they’re blaming “White men”, “non-voters”, “write-in voters”, “Fake News”, “Wiki-Leaks” and “Twitter” etc, just a few of the reasons being thrown around rather than looking at the campaign and what toxic influences from within the campaign.

In fact surely the whole failure started when it was becoming clear that there was deliberate bias against Bernie Sanders which was blatant from early on followed by crisis after crisis including the whole Debbie Wasserman-Schultz controversy.  While they were busy focusing on attacking Republicans they failed to attend to keeping their house in order.

Many states were totally ignored by the campaign, written off as if they didn’t matter, while Donald Trump focused on the states he knew really mattered and only gave lip service to the few, like California where there was just not a hope in hell.  Instead the Clinton Campaign failed to give these same states the attention they needed.

Controversies and Economies

They allowed decades old controversies to be dragged back up and rather than addressing the controversies they kept on and on and on like a broken record about Trump University Case and bringing up White Supremacy on a never ending loop instead of giving a manifesto that addressed the concerns of Middle America where she needed votes,  pandering to ’causes’ to curry favor backfired, it scared people in states that were necessary for the win and yet at no time did the Clinton Campaign give any policies other than suggesting “Globalization” and “Business as Usual”.  For many people the economy has not recovered.  For many that are not sitting with their heads up their backsides the economy is sliding and has been for years.

Sure people are in jobs but many are working for agencies, working for an agency may seem like these people have job but to these people it is not long term, they could be unemployed and many many more have just stopped qualifying for unemployment.

The economic indicator is, are people purchasing?  If the economy is in a good condition people buy, they buy imports, the trouble is many of our docks that used to rely on masses of one day contracts through a lottery have reduced the number of workers on the lottery needed each day.   The reason, there are less containers and less ships bringing import products and materials for manufacture.

No it’s not “buying made in America” causing this, it’s a serious lack of desire.  Small businesses have seen a slow down.  Small businesses didn’t hear what they wanted to hear from the Clinton Campaign.  What they wanted to hear was exactly what Donald Trump kept saying.  Regardless of whether it was possible or not concerning the economy he told them the words that they desperately wanted to hear.

Digging a Hole

So while Hillary Clinton and her campaign kept digging their hole oblivious that they were busy damaging their campaign.  They were not looking forward, they sat on their ivory, or should we call it Blue, pedestal high on their laurels thinking the campaign was sewn up and in the bag.

Trump on the other hand carried on campaigning, he worked the audience and worked the GOP and people decided to vote for him.

Polls, Exit Polls and Scared Voters

Now onto the polls and pollsters and the bullshit.  We’ve already said earlier about how believing polls is a bad thing and the polls were biased and taken from a poor base mix but let’s look deeper.

We can thank the SJW’s, BLM and other activist groups that were pro-Hillary for attacking anyone that happened to be pro-Donald Trump.   Did they not realize that scaring people or making people scared to be open about who they wanted to vote for or who they were being swayed by most at that time they chose to say who they thought would get them less anger.

The video of a crazy woman in her car that shouted abuse at someone for having a Trump sign in his yard, video’s of attacks on Trump supporters and abuse hurled on social media at them was not conducive to honesty to pollsters either during the campaign or at exit-polls after voting.

Even now, over ten days later there are still people being abusive against people that admit they voted for Donald Trump and attacking them on Social Media.   The reason that they lied is because activists scared them, they were scared of being attacked or beaten or threatened simply for being swayed by the Donald Trump Argument.  Calling them Racist after the vote did not and does not help.

Sadly I think that the DNC and Liberals are going to make the same mistakes that the GOP did in 2008 and won’t start learning until a failure in 2020 when they will take true stock and make a concerted effort to rebuild the party and focus.  If the GOP can do it and win when the whole world expected them to lose then the DNC and Liberals can do the same thing.

Don’t even go there when you go on about the popular vote, as a liberal, I have already said that popular vote is equally as unfair and having collective voting for the whole of the United States for a Presidential vote would imply that each state line should be eradicated and we should all be a single federal law for every single thing from driving law to Marijuana etc, don’t ask for things both way and if we used proportional representation in each state to allocate Electoral College votes Donald Trump would still have scraped past with a win.