The treatment of Cows in the Dairy business

Today someone stood by blatantly claiming that so that we can have milk the mother cow is made pregnant, gives birth and the calf is then slaughtered and disposed of to give us milk.

Yes, there are people that make wild claims based on propaganda that is not true about the dairy industry.

I don’t work on a dairy but know dairy farmers and they are hounded as if they are animals off these wild claims.

I explained to the girl that it is not in the vested interest of a dairy farmer to maltreat any cattle, whether is a calf or an adult beast.  Financially it is bad for business.

First of all for the dairy to operate it requires a cow to regularly give birth every so often and regularly there are some cattle that are in the process of being pregnancy.  It also allows the dairy farmer to replace older cows that are no longer able to give milk.

Sure there are male calves but again these little guys are not murdered, or as she claimed, murdered and thrown off a cliff at birth, they spend the same amount of time that a female calf does with its mother and then is sold to a meat farmer that will care for and bring that calf to an age where it can be slaughtered, during that time it is fed and cared for  and lives a good life but is again not slaughtered at birth and is not abused because it is not in the interest of that cattle rancher to abuse the cattle, it is an investment, and as with any investment there is by necessity to care for that investment.  My ex-wife’s parents were cattle ranchers here in California and her ex-husband was a cattle rancher in the Midwest.   “Mom & Dad” got their stock from a dairy down the road.

Meanwhile back at the dairy, the female calf’s are given a good start and then they are raised until they are old enough to carry a young and then the same process starts with them.

The mother of the calf would normally after a short time stop lactating but due to the process of milking they continue to give milk for an extended time before they have to calf again.

Another claim was that Milk produced is full of antibiotics.  I had to suggest they actually look at the label on milk and then had to explain;

Contrary to the propaganda of animal rights groups before milk is bottled or mixed with milk from other dairies it is held in the tanker and tested for antibiotics and other issues like infections.  If anything is detected by the test then every single gallon of milk in that tanker must be disposed of and never enters the food system,  NONE of that milk on the shelves has antibiotics in it.

In fact a dairy farmer if they have to give a cow antibiotics they do not milk that cattle with the rest, the milk is taken separately to relieve the cow and it disposed of, it is not in the farmers interest to take risks.  In fact they may wait an extended time before the cow returns to the supply and even then it is tested to make sure that the milk is safe to enter the system,  the dairy doesn’t get paid for a tanker of milk that is discarded for being contaminated.

Animal rights activists like to make their case by using propaganda.  Sure there is a horrible ‘veal’ trade and dairy farmers cannot control what happens to the calves that go to this trade but the majority of calves go to ranchers that care of their animals and some ranchers breed cattle from scratch for the meat industry.   My ex-wife’s first husband would happily bring calves into the home to keep them warm when they were born in the pasture during the colder months where there was snow fall.   Would you say that this is abusive?  I’d say that it’s the ultimate act of caring for an animal.

I don’t drink milk, not because of it being terrible or abusive to animals but because I end up throwing most away and that is the biggest “abuse” where the milk these cows give us is wasted.  The same for the meat industry, the biggest abuse is where meat is wasted, where people don’t make use of all parts of the animal.  Further to that the biggest abuse out there is use of lies and propaganda to benefit the agenda’s of the Animal Rights Activists.   Do they presume that cows would live in the numbers they are in now, unfortunately Animal Rights Activists don’t realize that they will not be saving animals from the slaughter, these same animals would end up competing with us for the ‘vegan’ diet that these animal rights activists want us to eat and we know that the cattle would end up losing.