No an Apple Patent Does not guarantee it will be used…

Apple was granted a patent this week for a foldable iPhone, now the tech press are ruminating over this being in a future iPhone.

Sadly this is a typical reaction by various Tech News outlets like Apple News World to name just one.

The trouble is, a patent is just a recording of an idea to protect that idea, it does not mean that there is the technology to support it when it was filed, does not mean that there is the technology now, and does not mean that there will be the technology in the future.

All the patent does is protect that intellectual property, the idea, from being used by others or for others claiming it as being their idea.  It’s basically “I thought of this first” record placed with a Government record keeper and if it is granted it means that the record keeper feels that nobody else has recorded a similar idea, though we know that, through multiple fights in courts that this is not always the case and a first past the post in the court room prevails.

I would love to see a folding iPhone, wait!  What? No that’s than awful idea, I don’t want a folding iPhone, I like being able to pick it up and see what’s on the screen.

If we clung to every patent that Apple is granted as being included in Apple technology then we would have monsters.   Thankfully ideas are filed as patents and then are discarded as bad ideas.

Back before the launch of the iPhone they thought it would be a good idea to have a plastic screen instead of glass, after using the iPhone for a short time before it actually launched Steve Jobs decided that it was a monumentally bad idea and got Corning to produce a strong glass screen and today we have the glass screened iPhone.  Would we really go back to a plastic screen just to get a folding iPhone.

I bet the moron’s that are all excited about the possibility of a folding screen are the same ones that would whine about it easily scratching, though technology has improved there I am sure that there is now a less scratch prone plastic but less scratch prone does not mean it won’t.

I’m sure the likes of 9to5Mac and Patently Apple are wetting their pants in excitement at the thought, I know that others are equally as excited, I’m sure that they are busy trying to excite the average user into a frenzy where when this tech never appears in the iPhone get disappointed and then complain that Apple doesn’t innovate.

It’s times like these that I wish that all these tech news websites would just stop reporting on patents and focus on actual tech.